Trupp HR Hires Tracy Bespflug as Talent Placement Specialist

Trupp HR Hires Tracy Bespflug as Talent Placement Specialist

Portland, Oregon – December 3, 2014 – Trupp HR, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hire of Tracy Bespflug, who joins the Trupp HR team as a Talent Placement Specialist (Recruiter). In this position, Tracy will be expanding upon a talent acquisition model that’s rooted in Trupp HR’s commitment to be a reliable and trusted partner, providing exceptional value to clients. Tracy brings to the table a diverse background in personnel management, HR administration, staffing, and talent acquisition.

Tracy joins Trupp HR with seven years of notable experience related to the recruitment and hiring process, employee relations, and staff development. With a professional and educational background in Healthcare Administration, Tracy has specialized in human resources with duties focused on recruiting, hiring, applicant tracking, applicant pool management, and strategic placement. Tracy’s proven ability to quickly assess situations, personalities, and interpersonal relations will play a vital role in the recruiting function that Trupp HR has established for its clients.

“Tracy’s engaging nature and history of acquiring exceptional talent in demanding environments has given her an acute ability to assess an organization’s culture and work environment along with capturing the unique requirements of diverse positions,” says Jean Roque, President of Trupp HR. “This aligns perfectly with Trupp HR’s commitment to not just fill positions in our recruiting engagements, but to place perfectly-suited team members that are poised to thrive in our client’s organizations.

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