Trupp HR Hires Karin Hinze as New HR Business Partner

Trupp HR Hires Karin Hinze as New HR Business Partner

Portland, Oregon – July 28, 2015 – Trupp HR, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hire of Karin Hinze, who has joined the Trupp HR team as an HR Business Partner. In this role, Karin will operate as a dedicated HR representative to clients of Trupp’s HR Outsourcing (HRO) services in addition to contributing to numerous HR consulting and training efforts. Karin is an experienced HR professional with a proven ability to plan, direct, and manage diverse HR activities, aligning perfectly with the strategic role she will assume with clients of Trupp HR’s HRO offering.

Karin joins the Trupp HR team as an SPHR with six years of experience in human resource management, paired with a background in supervisory and operational roles. Over the course of her career, Karin has been responsible for key HR functions, including consulting and advising on strategic planning and policy guidance, designing and overseeing numerous HR tasks, and facilitating performance management systems. Karin has shown competency in a wide range of human resource functions from broader HR department supervision and executive HR consulting, to more specific tasks such as employee recruitment, onboarding, and company policy and procedures oversight. Her experience and knowledge will be a significant contribution to the team at Trupp HR.

“Karin not only has the experience we need to provide our clients with a top of the line HR function, but also possesses a set of personal skills that works perfectly within our HRO model,” states Jean Roque, President and Founder of Trupp HR. “It is important that our Business Partners are able to adapt to any situation; Karin has a keen ability to flex among a wide range of environments and provide her clients with tools and guidance that contribute to continued grow and success.”

About Trupp HR

Trupp HR is a human resources company that provides straight-forward HR solutions including HR outsourcing, HR consulting, recruiting services, leadership training, and human resources products.

Our strategic approach to the delivery of HR services removes the complexity and frustration often associated with human resource activities while focusing on streamlined processes and performance metrics. Trupp HR is a key business partner for clients who are concerned with maximizing profit and growth, insuring a solid foundation of HR best practices, and focusing leadership on primary business objectives. Trupp HR areas of expertise include staffing (recruiting, hiring, onboarding), employee performance and productivity, people strategy (business strategy alignment, HR metrics, organizational structure, leadership development), HR audits, HR outsourcing, employee surveys, and leadership training.