Benefits Made Easy

Why spend your valuable time managing benefits when you can offload benefits administration and open enrollment to a team of experienced professionals?

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Save Time

Relieve your administrative staff from the bottleneck of open enrollment and the ongoing burden of providing notices, tracking and reporting elections, and submitting data to providers.

Reduce Risk

Relax in the knowledge that your process is legally sound and compliant. Trupp HR’s Shared Services team includes benefits specialists who keep up with relevant healthcare and other benefits related laws.

Contain Costs

Keep costs predictable and contained by eliminating variable benefits related expenses. You’ll enjoy a high-level of expertise on an ongoing basis without the need for hiring a costly on-sight benefits specialist.

 Benefits Administration Outsourcing relieves the burden of open enrollment season and benefits tracking

We take the burden of benefits paperwork and open enrollment right off your plate!

What’s included with Benefits Administration Outsourcing?


Benefits Management

Trupp HR’s team of Shared Services professionals manages all aspects of employee benefits. Our process streamlines data management and transfer by making use of easy to use web-based forms and electronic tools to capture and submit relevant benefit details, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

Employee Education

Trupp HR leverages a robust technology platform to drive employee communication and education using engaging tools designed to keep employees informed and simplify access to benefits information. We offer employees guidance in making prudent election decisions that maximize the benefits your organization provides.

Open Enrollment

Trupp HR orchestrates your entire open enrollment, utilizing online tools and engaging communication platforms that ensure a streamlined and highly efficient process. Our model emphasizes an enhanced employee experience focused on easy access to benefits information while highlighting the uniqueness of your organization’s offerings.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Trupp HR leverages technologies such as online tools, chat and engaging communication channels, and our proprietary HRIS to provide an elevated level of convenience, accessibility, and confidentiality for your employees that is difficult to achieve internally.


The backbone of our BAO program lies in its proprietary HRIS platform. Employee information is tracked and stored electronically in our secure database. Employees are able to make elections online and enroll electronically for an efficient and streamlined process. Information passes quickly and with greater accuracy from initial enrollment to providers.

Benefits Portal

Trupp HR develops an employee benefits portal for each client that provides easy web-based access to all benefits information, including summaries and collateral for benefit offerings, electronic enrollment forms, important provider contact information, and links to provider tools and websites.


Our shared services staff remains vigilant, keeping abreast of ERISA, HIPPA, ACA, COBRA, and other changing healthcare and employee benefit regulations reducing the risk of costly compliance errors. 

A Team of Professionals

You can relax knowing that your benefits administration is being handled by Trupp HR’s competent Shared Services team with years of experience in HR, benefits, payroll, and employment law.

Best Practice

Our professional shared services team follows proven best practices and utilizes current technology with built in checks and balances to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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