Trupp HR Simplifies the Process of Hiring Great People

At Trupp HR, we’re committed to finding the right employees for your business. In addition to skill and competency, we select candidates who are well-suited to your unique management style, corporate environment and values–ensuring a better retention rate and a more sound employment investment. Our recruiting process is based on an understanding of your business priorities with an agreed upon timeline that emphasizes thoroughness and efficiency.

Our recruitment model removes the complexity from the hiring process in a manner that minimizes the impact to our clients budget and day-to-day operations. Let us do the heavy lifting and find ideally suited candidates with recruiting services scaled to the needs of your small business.

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    Relieve your Staff from the Burden of Recruiting

    • Keep your team focused on what they do best
    • Shorten the process of finding the right employees
    • Hire from a carefully selected group of highly qualified candidates
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    Attract a Higher Level of Qualified Applicants

    • Extend recruiting activities beyond traditional channels
    • Enrich your team with a diverse pool of applicants
    • Match candidates to jobs with effective assessment and interviewing techniques
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    Maximize Return on your Recruiting Investment

    • Enjoy affordable rates designed to eliminate complicated recruiting fees
    • Hire employees that are ideally suited to contribute to the success of your organization
    • Place your trust in a process that adheres to employment laws and best practices
Customer Quotes
“Trupp HR is an impressive HR partner, especially for a small business such as ours. They have helped us navigate the competitive waters of recruiting and hiring highly qualified staff.”

Aaron Stevens | Operations/Business Manager | Don Tankersley Construction

What’s Included with Trupp HR Recruiting?

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    Recruiting Questionnaire

    An interview is conducted with the employer comprising a comprehensive set of questions in order to thoroughly understand job requirements (knowledge, skills and abilities), management style and work environment, company culture, employer value proposition and interview process.
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    Job Description & Salary Range

    If needed, information from recruiting questionnaire is leveraged to create a job description and establish a recommended salary range based on market data.
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    Job Posting Promotion*

    Job opening is promoted to relevant areas across our extensive recruiting network—including job posting sites, social media, educational institutions, and business associations.
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    Online Applicant Submission and Management

    An online applicant tracking system is used to optimize the submission of applicant data, ranking of applicants received, management of applicant status, and communications to applicants and employers.
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    Qualification Assessment

    In order to further assess qualifications and job match, an initial interview is conducted with applicants who best align with job requirements.
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    Job Fit Assessment

    In order to further assess alignment with job requirements, work setting and company fit, top candidates from the qualification assessment undergo a comprehensive behavioral and skill-based interview process.
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    Behavioral Assessment*

    A dynamic behavioral assessment tailored to the specific job opening and employer is conducted on candidate finalist. This assessment provides objective data on the candidate’s alignment with job requirements and work environment and is particularly helpful for targeting final interview questions as well as providing valuable data for future onboarding, training and management activities.
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    Professional References

    Once the applicants have been narrowed down to a select group of finalists, Trupp HR conducts professional references to verify work history and validate applicant’s perceived job fit.
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    Interview Packet

    Once qualified candidates have been selected, Trupp HR provides the employer with a detailed interview packet, including interview scorecards and resumes for each candidate and suggested interview questions for employer interviews.
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    Candidate Communications & Scheduling

    In addition to streamlining the recruiting process, timely and professional communication impacts the applicant’s perception of the employer. Trupp HR proactively communicates with applicants and the employer to share status updates and coordinate scheduling of interviews.
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    Delivery of Job Offer

    Once the ideal candidate(s) has been selected, Trupp HR works closely with the employer to craft and, if needed, deliver a job offer.

* Recruiting fee does not include cost, if needed, to use fee-based job posting sites or conduct additional behavioral assessments.

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