HR Outsourcing Services Scaled to Your Business

At Trupp HR, we understand that every business is unique. Our HR outsourcing services have been designed to accommodate the unique spectrum of your business requirements. Select from three levels of service that provide as little or as much HR support as you need.


Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to a library of HR forms, templates, and best practices right when you need them. Have an emergency or can’t find what you are looking for? Personalized HR expertise is just a phone call or form submission away!

HR outsourcing services from Trupp HR


Supplement your existing HR program or free up your staff by handing off the complexities of regulatory compliance, employment best practices, and human resources administration to the qualified HR and shared services professionals at Trupp HR.

HR outsourcing services from Trupp HR


Transfer your entire HR program to a team of professionals. You’ll have an on-site HR Business Partner to advise on strategic HR initiatives and Trupp HR’s shared services team working behind the scenes to manage your administrative HR functions.

HR outsourcing services from Trupp HR

3 Convenient Levels of HR Outsourcing Services

1 Services may be provided for other levels at an additional cost.
2 Trupp HR can typically administer payroll on client’s existing payroll platform. Client may elect to maintain payroll administration in-house. Payroll processing and platform are not included.
3 Fees associated with client-elected pre-employment screens and tests are billed separately.
4 Includes five free job postings per year. Additional postings incur an additional fee.

Why consider Trupp HR Outsourcing?

Successfully managing today’s workforce while navigating a growing complexity of regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly difficult. By offloading the administrative burden of HR to the trained professionals at Trupp HR, your team can focus on your core business objectives. Companies that choose Trupp HR Outsourcing enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a qualified and engaged workforce, reduction of employer related risk, and a proven HR program managed by qualified HR professionals, all the while keeping costs contained.

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We are in the business of being HR experts so you can focus on your business

Trupp HR’s team of certified HR professionals possess the credentials and experience to provide skilled guidance on complex matters, engage leadership to align HR activities with corporate strategy, and offer guidance during key employment decisions.

We leverage the power of current technology

At Trupp HR, we understand the value of technology. Our HRIS streamlines the process of onboarding, administering payroll and benefits, and keeping up-to-date on the myriad of employee-related data. Our cloud-based offerings deliver efficiency and convenience for both you and your employees.

We are positioned to scale and contract with the needs of your organization

You shouldn’t have to wait until you can afford a best-in-class HR program before enjoying its value to your business. Trupp HR Outsourcing makes it easy and affordable to leverage a full-service human resources team that scales with the needs of your organization.

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