Trupp HR’s offering of HR Products are conveniently packaged for ala carte use of HR services. Although standard pricing for our HR Products may eliminate the element of surprise, our services are still delivered in a manner that carefully considers the unique needs of your company.

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    Convenient ala carte HR Products

    Tired of getting the run around? Our HR Products make it easy to take care of common HR needs and services with an approach that makes for a streamlined, cost-effective, and burden-free process.

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    Affordable up-front pricing

    At Trupp HR, we like to keep things simple. We provide an upfront price before services are deployed with no complicated fee structures or surprises down the road.
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    Personalized to your business

    Although our convenient HR Products are standardized to make them user friendly and easy to deploy, we never box you in! Each product is tailored to your culture and unique business needs.

Convenient HR products that drive value to your business


Employee Handbook

  • Reduce potential lawsuits
  • Tailored to your business
  • State & federal law compliant

Trupp HR Audit

  • Validate regulatory compliance
  • Align people/business strategy
  • Identify HR gaps/opportunities

HR On Demand

  • HR answers for small biz
  • Easy access to HR expertise
  • Save valuable time and money

Pulse Employee Survey

  • Capture employee feedback
  • Uncover workforce priorities
  • Tailored to your objectives