Trupp HR Products

Trupp HR’s offering of HR Products are conveniently packaged for ala carte use of HR services. Although standard pricing for our HR Products may eliminate the element of surprise, our services are still delivered in a manner that carefully considers the unique needs of your company.

HR On Demand

  • HR answers for small biz
  • Easy access to HR expertise
  • Save valuable time and money


  • Exempt status recruitment
  • Attract ideally-suited talent
  • Increase new hire retention


  • Non-exempt status recruitment
  • Accelerate hiring process
  • Multiple hires for same position

HR Staffing

  • Cover gaps in HR function
  • Vetted by HR professionals
  • Full support of Trupp HR

Trupp HR Audits

  • Increase human capital ROI
  • Align people/business strategy
  • Identify HR gaps/opportunities

Employee Handbook

  • Reduce potential lawsuits
  • Tailored to your business
  • State & federal law compliant

Facilitation Services

  • Focus on key objectives
  • Maintain neutral environment
  • Ensure meaningful progress


  • Develop top-performing leaders
  • Boost employee performance
  • Strengthen team collaboration