Employee Handbook

Company policies and guidelines compliant with state and federal employment laws.

Once a company becomes an employer, it is time for an employee handbook. The employee handbook is a foundational component of your business. It provides significant value to both the employer and employee, including:

  • An introduction for new employees to the policies, procedures and culture of
    your company
  • A helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently
    adhere to organizational practices
  • A reliable basis for employee performance management and
    disciplinary actions
  • The legal evidence that your company’s policies are consistent with and
    encourage adherence to employment laws

Customized Employee Handbook

Your Custom Employee Handbook starts with a foundation of policies and statements that has been expertly crafted to comply with your company’s local, state and federal employment laws. Unlike many employee handbooks, our approach to content emphasizes a friendly, approachable tone with phrasing that is easily comprehended by employees . To ensure your Custom Employee Handbook reflects the local laws and practices of your organization, we conduct a thorough interview and then skillfully tailor the content to align with your company’s organizational practices. The final product is delivered electronically–ready to be printed or posted to your company’s employee self-service area.

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Employee Handbook Contents

Each custom employee handbook is delivered as an electronic document containing the following components:

  • Organizational Chart
About this Handbook
  • Handbook Introduction and Overview
Employment Practices
  • Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Complaint and Investigation Procedures
Know Your Employee Status
  • “Employees” Defined
Standards of Conduct
  • Work Rules and Standards
  • Co-Worker Communications & Conflict Resolution
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Professional Appearance
  • Tobacco-Free/Smoke-Free Workplace
  • Use of Company Technology and Other Property
  • Public Relations and the Media
Company Policies
  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure
  • Hours of Operation
  • Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings
  • Employee Files
  • Immigration Law Compliance
  • Personal Information
  • Outside Employment
  • Employment of Relatives
  • Visitors in the Workplace
  • Gifts and Entertainment
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Employment Separation
Workplace Safety
  • Maintain a Safe Work Environment
  • Reporting Injuries or Illness
  • Building Security
  • Workplace Violence
Employee Pay and Performance
  • Employee Performance Review and Planning
  • Corrective Action
  • Pay Practices
  • Timekeeping
  • Paydays
  • Lunch and Break Periods
  • Overtime
  • Travel Time

Additional Considerations for your Custom Employee Handbook

Other components can be added (additional fees may apply) to the Employee Handbook, including supplemental topics about:

  • Social Media and Networking Policy
  • Unpaid Personal Leave Policy and Forms
  • New Employee Orientation and Forms (new hire checklist)
  • Benefits Quick Look (summary of benefit plans including PTO programs)
  • Benefits Narrative Summary (separate section with detailed benefits overview)


Custom Employee Handbook Includes items listed above in “Employee Handbook Contents” tailored to your company’s organizational practices and local, state and federal employment laws provided in MS Word or PDF electronic format. $449*
Additional Policies or Components Additional information may be required based on industry or states of operation or company may elect to have additional content based on the needs of the organization. TBD
Printed Employee Handbooks Your company’s employee handbooks printed to your specifications:
Size: 5.5” x 8.5” or 8.5” x 11”
Binding: None, Saddle Stitch, Wire Coil or 3-hole punched
Qty 10: $21.50 each
Qty 25: $12.90 each
Qty 50: $9.90 each

*Additional cost may apply based on industry, states of operation and level of customization required.

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