Facilitation Services

Why use a facilitator?

facilitation-progressFocus. A facilitator is skilled at creating and maintaining an environment that is productive while being mindful to adjust their style to best serve the particular group and its objectives.

Neutrality. A facilitator establishes an environment that is safe and conducive for participants with diverse styles and perspectives. Skilled facilitators exhibit confidence and energy while conveying warmth and understanding.

Progress. A facilitator understands the team’s objectives and establishes an agreed upon plan for achieving the desired outcomes. Skillful use of techniques for engaging participants, promoting creativity and consensus building contribute to a strong sense of team accomplishment.

When should a facilitator be used?

  • Strategic Planning Sessions facilitation-ideas
  • Team or Department Planning Meetings
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Organizational Restructures
  • Succession Planning
  • Off-site Planning Events
  • Any strategic effort where focus, neutrality, and progress are critical

Our Approach to Facilitating Meetings

Trupp HR Facilitation ApproachOur facilitation services emphasize tailoring the process to your organization’s culture, mission and values, the session participants, and the targeted objectives. We dedicate significant energy to gaining a clear and thorough understanding of expectations, concerns and desired outcomes. Although we leverage honed techniques and processes, we are mindful to design an approach and agenda that works well for participants while achieving the desired organizational or team objectives.

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