Leadership training ensures that managers and supervisors are effective role models for your company. Competent leaders motivate people, build relationships, and coordinate processes to deliver organization results by developing mastery in a wide-range of knowledge and skills. At Trupp HR, we offer ongoing, focused leader education that builds critical skills for the people-side of leader development – identifying, attracting, engaging, and retaining top-performing talent. Key elements include:

  • Cost-effective, high-quality training targeted for the small business leader
  • Proven, best-practice methods that are easy to implement
  • Assessment tools that build understanding of leader and employee strengths
  • Step-by-step techniques for identifying and developing top performers
  • Specific tools, such as forms and processes to apply in the workplace
  • Certificate of completion of the Annual Supervisory Education Series
Annual Supervisory Education Series
  • Recruiting and Selecting Talent
  • Managing for Results
  • Retaining and Engaging Talent
  • Top 10 Legal Pitfalls When Leading People
$250/attendee/session or
$800/attendee for the series
Education Topics Designed to Strengthen Leader Skills
  • Managing Projects for Success
  • Leading Change While Managing Chaos
  • Workforce Planning
$150/attendee/half-day session
$250/attendee/full-day session
On-site training
  • Dedicated, on-site training
  • Price depends on class selected
  • Custom course content may incur additional cost
  • Does not include food, training facility, or travel and expenses
$1,750 – $2,250/day

Annual Supervisory Education Series

This series of four full-day courses builds skills in leading and engaging employees.

Recruiting and Selecting Talent takes participants through the steps for aligning job duties with applicant strengths and business strategy, creating a welcoming experience for all candidates regardless of the diversity they represent, and building a rhythm in the interview process that ensures the best job match while remaining legally defensible in the selection of employees.

Managing for Results delivers tools and techniques for providing employees with clear expectations and performance goals while creating the foundation for performance discussions. Participants will learn to deliver positive and developmental feedback, connect business values and goals to individual jobs, resolve disagreements about performance, and create timelines for employee development. Before leaving, participants will learn the basics of successful performance discipline and employee separation.

Retaining and Engaging Talent shares knowledge about differences in performance between engaged employees and those who have essentially checked-out of your organization. Participants will learn about their five most persistent strengths from a list of 35 themes and how those strengths contribute to employee engagement and retaining the best. The day ends with a discussion of simple techniques for engaging with employees to resolve common workplace conflicts.

Top 10 Legal Pitfalls When Leading People shares scenarios and answers for some of the more common legal challenges leaders must handle. Topics include the elements of wage and hour, avoiding sexual harassment, definition of retaliation and how to avoid it, and disability/leave rules. Attendees will also update their knowledge on electronic communications, non-competes, union avoidance strategies, and trends in laws and initiatives that may affect leaders.

Individual Education Topics Designed to Strengthen Leader Skills

These topics are updated to reflect current issues and focus on the framework and tools for successful application of each of the topics.

Managing Projects for Success reviews some of the most common reasons for project failure and how to overcome those obstacles. It examines success stories and shares a framework for accomplishing projects on-time through diverse and sometimes competing teams.

Leading Change While Managing Chaos presents eight concrete steps for driving the most significant change initiatives. Participants will gain strategies to gain momentum needed to shift people from old practices to the new ones and keep them there. The program combines tactical guides with people strategies.

Workforce Planning discusses the importance and methods for adjusting staffing models. Conducting an analysis of talent supply compared to future business demands. This course provides practical guidance for building a solution plan to close the gap between supply and demand as your company grows or redirects.

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