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Employees have lots of opinions, but gathering feedback that really matters doesn’t come easily. Surveys from Trüpp provide data for making informed business decisions so you can prioritize company resources and improvement efforts. Employee surveys from Trüpp are tailored to your organization’s needs and provide targeted and actionable feedback.

  • Tailored to target your organization’s unique objectives and work environment
  • Provides a confidential vehicle for employees to openly share feedback
  • Translates complex data into a straight-forward action plan
  • Segments findings by relevant employee survey groups (departments, locations, divisions, employee classifications)
  • Equips your organization to effectively communicate survey findings and outcomes to the workforce

Types of surveys available from Trüpp

Employee Engagement Surveys

Trüpp’s Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to give insight about your employees’ engagement with your organization, uncover areas that need attention or improvement, and provide data for decision making and setting priorities.

Benefits Surveys

Every organization’s team is unique. Trüpp’s benefits surveys provide insight about the benefits that are most important to your employees, enabling you to target your benefit dollars to the offerings that will have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction and retention. 

Onboarding Surveys

Discover insights about your organization from your newest employees. Onboarding surveys provide valuable feedback about what attracts employees to your company, the effectiveness of your onboarding programs, and how well new employees are equipped to do their job effectively. 

Stay Interviews

Stay interviews provide you with information from your current employees that facilitates data-driven decisions about continuous improvement efforts. You’ll discover why employees continue to work for your organization, what they like, and where they would like to see improvements.

Exit Interviews

Losing valuable employees is never easy. Exit interviews allow your organization to capture constructive feedback from employees who are leaving your company. You’ll gain insight about how to better manage and motivate your employees and ensure new hires are properly equipped. 

Custom Surveys

Do you need targeted feedback to inform specific business decisions or improvements? Let the HR professionals at Trüpp design a custom survey to gather the data you need to make informed decisions that will yield the most relevant and effective results for your organization.

How a Trüpp survey works

Survey Development and Deployment

Prior to survey deployment, Trüpp provides suggested content for employee communications regarding survey purpose, confidentiality, and access. Drawing on our bank of questions and survey know-how, along with client input, Trüpp establishes survey questions crafted to meet your objectives. Surveys are deployed online so that employees can easily complete them from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. When needed, surveys can also be deployed in hard copy as well as multiple languages.

Analysis and Recommendations Report

Once the survey collection period has ended, Trüpp conducts a comprehensive analysis of employee responses and comments. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the organization-wide data, results are reviewed and segmented by relevant employee groups. Survey findings are presented in easy-to-read tables and charts. Main themes from employee feedback are presented as actionable findings and recommendations, such as “Top 5” Improvement Opportunities and Engagement Wins for employee engagement surveys.

Communication Plan

Communication is key to the success of any survey initiative. Employees want to know why the survey is being conducted, that their feedback will be confidential, and that their effort will translate to improvements in their workplace. Trüpp makes the communication process easy by providing a communication plan and suggested content for pre-survey and post-survey communications to the workforce.

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