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You shouldn’t have to wait until you can afford a best-in-class HR program before enjoying its value to your business. Instead, Trupp HR Outsourcing makes it easy and affordable for your company to leverage a full-service human resources team regardless of your size.

Companies that choose Trupp HR Outsourcing enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a qualified and engaged workforce, reduction of employer related risk and a premiere HR program managed by qualified HR professionals, all the while keeping costs contained.

Trupp HR Outsourcing Services

Trupp HR Outsourcing delivers the experience and results of a full-service HR department in a manner that easily scales with the size and needs of your organization. As your HR Outsourcing partner, Trupp HR operates as an extension of your team to provide services consistent with a comprehensive human resource department, including:

Employee Lifecycle. Trupp HR provides all services related to your people strategy including job descriptions, employee handbook, recruiting, on-boarding, performance evaluations & management, employee relations, separation, and employee surveys.

Total Rewards. Trupp HR provides guidance and administration for compensation plan & design, benefits administration, leave administration, employee recognition, wellness, total rewards statements, and benefits plan design.

Compliance. Trupp HR implements and manages compliance practices including employee files, I-9s, posters, workplace safety, federal, state & local regulations, industry-specific competencies, and health care reform.

Employee Development. Trupp HR’s team of HR professionals provides a suite of training services including employee training, supervisor training, leadership coaching and team building.

Strategic Alignment. Trupp HR’s leadership is uniquely skilled to provide guidance with strategic planning, development and refinement of organizational goals, alignment of people strategy with business objectives, workforce planning and performance measurement.

Components of Trupp HR Outsourcing

Delivery of services is provided through a collaborative approach backed by the entire team of HR professionals at Trupp HR, consisting of:

HR Business Partner. Serves as the primary contact window for employees and managers including on-site presence. The HR Business Partner actively engages with employees, supervisors and leadership to administers HR programs and deliver services.

Shared Services. Expands capacity and leverages efficiencies, creating and maintaining up-to-date, compliant policies, keeping current with changes in employment regulations and trends, and delivering off-site services to support the HR Business Partner and HR Experts.

HR Experts. Completes the full-service model offering support with specialized topics, providing skilled guidance on complex matters, and engaging leadership to align HR activities with corporate strategy and to offer guidance during key organizational decisions.

Why consider Trupp HR Outsourcing?

Remove HR Administrative Burden. Our skilled professionals remove the complexities of HR by providing a comprehensive suite of employment services, freeing up your staff to focus on core business. You’ll be able to offload time consuming activities, including: benefits administration, recruiting, compensation design and recommendations, employee orientation and paperwork, leave of absence requests and employee performance management. Our HR Outsourcing programs include monthly account reviews and an annual business review to make refinements, accommodate changes in business strategy and ensure that you are receiving the greatest value for your investment.

Reduce Employer-Related Risks. With Trupp HR Outsourcing, you’ll receive guidance from qualified HR professionals, ensuring that your organization is informed on rapidly changing employment laws, including Health Care Reform regulations. You’ll enjoy best-practice methods for addressing employee issues and maintaining up-to-date policies and a legally compliant employee handbook. With Trupp’s wealth of HR know-how, you can confidently devote yourself to growing your business–knowing that you’re always in capable hands.

Attract and Retain Top Talent. Trupp HR will assist your organization in developing a recruitment and rewards strategy designed to attract and retain employees with the appropriate skills and experience for your business needs. Your assigned HR Business Partner will provide performance planning and evaluation and annual measurement of employee engagement and satisfaction. In addition, we will help define, brand and promote your corporate culture.

Maximize Human Capitol ROI. Our HR Outsourcing programs are designed to increase employee productivity and engagement by crafting a people strategy that aligns with organizational goals. Employee development services include key HR performance metrics and customized leadership and employee education. Our ultimate goal is to increase the success of your business through delivering a human resources strategy that both drives and facilitates your business objectives.

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