Trupp HR is excited to participate in the Startup PDX:Challenge!

Trupp HR Produce Row Startup PDX:Challenge

The Portland Development Commission’s (PDC) has launched the Startup PDX:Challenge as an initiative to find promising startups from around the world and bring them to our neighborhood, Produce Row, at the heart of Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District, which has become an incubator for small businesses and innovative startups. The PDC will connect these emerging startups to the great services that Portland has to offer. It’s Portland’s next step in the creation of a collaborative community that provides real value for startups. The Challenge will offer access to accelerator programs and other organizations in unique ways. The Challenge winners will co-locate in Portland’s Produce Row, a neighborhood where the entrepreneurial and DIY spirit thrives.

Startup PDX:Challenge winners prize package

The startups who win the Challenge will get the nuts and bolts of what they need in a package valued at $40,000 per company:

  • $10,000 working capital grant (no equity taken)
  • free rent for one year
  • free legal services
  • free accounting services
  • free hiring and HR services
  • free memberships and access to six different organizations and programs that focus on entrepreneurs

Trupp HR supports Portland’s small business community

Trupp HR is proud to be a sponsor of startupPDX:Challenge. We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed and appreciate the efforts that our city and its leaders are taking to make Portland a community that is favorable to startups and emerging businesses. We recognize that the majority of job creation in our area occurs as small businesses succeed and we take great pride in facilitating the process of making Portland the best place to work in our nation by helping our clients create productive work environments with engaged employees who contribute to the success of the companies they work for.

Trupp HR services provided to Startup PDX:Challenge winners

Business Leader Training Series

HR Consulting Services

Learn more about training services from Trupp HRThis training series prioritizes equipping startup business leaders with the tools for optimizing their human capital investments. The 3 part leadership training series covers the following topics:

  • Aligning Employee Performance with your Organizational Goals
  • What is your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and why does it matter?
  • Are your employees engaged, satisfied or none of the above?
Learn more about consulting services from Trupp HRTrupp HR Consulting services will be provided for each startup winner and encompasses a broad spectrum of employment services that require reliable HR expertise. Topics covered by HR Consulting services often include:

  • Employee relations, investigations, discipline and separation
  • Employee engagement and performance management
  • Compensation assessment and design
  • Designing and implementing organizational changes
  • Leave administration

Custom Employee Handbook

Recruiting Services

Learn more about custom employee handbooks from Trupp HRTrupp HR’s Custom Employee Handbook starts with a foundation of policies and statements expertly crafted to comply with local, state and federal employment laws. Our approach to content emphasizes a friendly tone that is easy to understand. We conduct a thorough interview and then skillfully tailor the content to align with your company’s organizational practices. Learn more about recruiting services from Trupp HR Trupp HR’s Q-Recruiter service includes a recruiting effort for an hourly, non-exempt employee. Each startup business may also apply the value of this service to other recruiting products. Our professional recruiters execute a thorough screening process, utilizing a combination of skillful interview techniques and effective screening. We present a select group of candidates that is most likely to be a good match for your company and job opening.