July HR Calendar | Trupp HRWith July knocking at the door and weather foretasted to be in the 90’s, summer is definitely here! Before you zip off to your next BBQ or slather on the sun tan lotion for a day at the beach, check these HR tasks off your list so you’re all set for summer fun!

Analyze employee pay against market standards
Is your compensation competitive? Studies indicate that average base pay is on the rise and 95% of organizations are planing to award salary increases this year. Summer is a good time to analyze employee pay against the market and begin to prepare salary budgets for the upcoming year.

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Evaluate staffing levels and projected retirements
The economy is on the mend and many small businesses are beginning to see an upsurge in activity. Are you prepared for increased capacity at your current staffing levels? Consider recruiting to accommodate your 2014 objectives. While you are at it, audit your recruitment files and purge information that is no longer needed.

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Update your employee handbook
Legal and regulatory changes are taking effect that will require updates to employee handbooks in 2013 for most US employers. Make your updates, distribute the revised handbook and gather employee acknowledgements.

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