June HR Calendar | Trupp HRJune is peeking through the clouds ready to pounce on us after the holiday weekend. Don’t get caught off guard; be sure to get these HR related tasks taken care of by the end of the month.

Establish Safety Meetings
Is your Oregon or Washington company required to have a safety committee or hold safety meetings?  You might be surprised.

Oregon guide to safety meetings
Attend a course on effective safety meeting for Washington

Brush Up On Your Interviewing Skills
We all have our internal bias and/or habits when we interview candidates for our job openings.  As the summer hiring season approaches increasing your awareness good hiring skills can help you put personal bias in check to make the best hiring decisions for your organization.

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Update Your Employee Handbook
Employee handbooks are great tools for communicating organizational policies and sharing benefits summaries for quick reference by employees and managers.  It takes time to keep the content current and refreshed.  Trupp HR offers handbook content to make an annual review and update painless and affordable.

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Employee Benefits Updates for 2013 

Here’s a lits of 10 important action items for cleaning up your employee benefits.

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