prefent flu in the workplace | Trupp HRBy Calvin Gower, Marketing Assistant, Trupp HR.

The flu season is upon us and it can have a negative effect on the workplace. Every year, millions of people take time off for themselves, to care for a sick family member, or show up to work with reduced productivity. Here are some tips to minimize the effects of illness in your work environment:

  • Promote vaccination
  • Post signs for proper hand washing, cough etiquette, and provide resources such as hand sanitizer
  • Keep the workplace clean
  • Encourage those who already have the flu to stay home
  • Encourage employees to reexamine leave policies
  • Encourage employees to get plenty of rest and exercise


HealthMap Vaccine Finder to locate places to get a flu shot.

Hygiene Poster to download posters to post in common areas.

CDC Website Flu Resource Page for influenza-related resources.