July HR To-Do List

Important employment and work place considerations to accomplish for the month of July.July HR Calendar

Prepare for shifting health costs
Sometimes high-deductible health insurance plans can’t be avoided, but there are certain steps employers can take to reduce the cost and keep up employee morale.

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Review wage and hour laws
With federal wage and hour lawsuits at a record high, employers should take this opportunity to make sure they are in full compliance to avoid the rising tide of litigation.

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Schedule a company outing
Having an outdoor after-hours social event is a great way for employees to socialize outside of the workplace and keeps them engaged and motivated during the summer months.

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Update Employee Handbook
Employment law is changing rapidly and many of these new and updated regulations will affect company policy. This is a good time to review your employee handbook, make the necessary updates, and review other policies that may be outdated.

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