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Employment Law Updates | Trupp HR Trends to watch for in 2014
2014 has arrived and it’s a great time to look at employment law hot topics on the horizon. Check out this article with a list of emerging trends you can anticipate for 2014.

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Consistent application of policies can pay off
Employment discrimination and retaliation cases often depend on an employees ability to prove they were treated differently than another coworker in a similar situation. Even if there is no similar comparison, an employer’s failure to follow its own policy can support a claim of discriminatory or retaliatory action. Read this article to avoid costly inconsistencies in your policy enforcement.

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Importance of hazard analysis
All too often, employers do a mediocre job when it comes to appropriately protecting workers from dangers in the workplace. Most businesses would benefit from better hazard analysis and risk management. Check out this article with tips for providing a safer work environment.

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Reducing employment liability exposure
Preventive practices can minimize or eliminate many employee lawsuits. This article includes relevant tips for employers to help reduce the frequency of employment liability exposure.

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