By Tom Faricy, SPHR, HR Business Partner, Trupp HR.

In a business setting, the word coaching may conjure a number of images, possibly in conjunction with correcting poor performance or inappropriate business behaviors. In reality, its most effective application is for successful business leaders and managers who are driven to achieve a greater level of success.

Keep at the Top of Your Game

Consider the analogy of an NFL coach. A professional football franchise doesn’t waste time coaching mediocre players; instead, they dedicate their resources on those with potential for greatness. Likewise, in business, coaching is a highly effective method for helping quality employees tap into their potential to become more effective managers and leaders.

A well-crafted coaching program begins with the end in sight. It should help leaders to gain a clear vision of what is important, prioritize areas of focus, set strategic goals for the future, and accelerate the process for achieving them. During the initial stages, desired outcomes are established, and an action plan is defined. Often times, assessment tools are employed to identify strengths, weakness, and blind spots. Once the coaching plan has concluded, the coach may transition to providing an ongoing rhythm of accountability.

When to Leverage a Coach

So when would you want to leverage a coach to assist in your business? Consider these common situations where coaching would be an ideal solution.

It’s Lonely at the Top!

Executives and business owners often struggle with significant challenges that they are not able to discuss with their leadership team. A well-implemented executive coaching program will assist with assessment of complex challenges and evaluating the necessary components that align business decisions with desired outcomes.

I Can Do Better Than This!

Leaders with great potential often find themselves struggling with challenges they know they have the skills to overcome. Floundering with a project or goal, they may become paralyzed and unable to produce. A coach can assist a leader who has become stuck to find clarity, reengage, prioritize, and delegate activities based on pre-defined objectives.

Baton Down the Hatches!

Change is inevitable and often stretches an organization or individual to their limits. Whether its transitioning into a new role, a time of rapid growth or downsizing, or a new initiative that threatens to push your team to its breaking point, coaching can provide the added support needed to objectively explore options, stay on task, and keep a stressful project from spiraling out of control.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Research studies* on working with a coach are clear. 70% see improved productivity through better work performance. 80% experience greater self-confidence in their leadership abilities, and 73% see improved relationships. In terms of ROI, a whopping 86% indicated that they at least made their investment back, and 99% report overall satisfaction with the process.

If you are an executive that would benefit from strategic support, have skilled employees that need assistance tapping into their reserves, or are facing a challenging initiative that requires objective guidance to pull through, consider leadership coaching services from Trupp HR. Our unique approach emphasizes strategic engagement, metrics, and a successful conclusion.

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*ICF Global Coaching Client Study commissioned by the ICF and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers