Portland, Oregon – October 9, 2014 – Trupp HR, Inc., a human resources solutions company, has announced the release of their new Open Enrollment Outsourcing service designed to lift the administrative burden often associated with the Open Enrollment process. Organizations that choose Trupp HR’s Open Enrollment Outsourcing service enjoy a proven process that streamlines Open Enrollment and showcases the value of the benefits being provided.

“Open enrollment is a stressful time for most organizations, but for those that lack an established HR department, it can threaten core business activities,” said Jean Roque, President of Trupp HR. “This service will not only lift that hassle from our client’s plates, but ensure that Open Enrollment is completed in a smooth, and efficient manner that highlight’s the employer as a whole.”

There are three main components of Trupp’s Open Enrollment Outsourcing service: Project Management, Employee Education, and Data Management. Trupp HR works closely with an organization to manage key activities, ensuring the process stays on track. Trupp HR coordinates employee communication and education using tools designed to enhance the Open Enrollment process. Data is streamlined, making use of web-based and electronic tools to capture and submit relevant data.

“Our knowledgeable team crafts an employee friendly open enrollment program that most employers simply don’t have the time or resources to accomplish,” stated Christine Thelen, Manager, HR Services at Trupp HR. “We leverage easy-to-use online tools, multimedia presentation formats, and helpful educational resources that guide employees through an engaging enrollment experience.”

In addition to the turnkey Open Enrollment Outsourcing service, Trupp HR offers a number of optional components built to enhance the process for organizations with additional requirements. These include Benefits Planning, PPACA Employee Eligibility, Employee Benefits Survey and Benefits QuickLook. The full complement of Trupp HR’s Open Enrollment Outsourcing services are automatically provided for clients who choose Trupp HR’s HR Outsourcing service.

About Trupp HR

Trupp HR provides straightforward HR solutions for small business, including HR consulting services, HR outsourcing, recruiting, employee training, and leadership development. Our approach removes the complexity and frustration often associated with human resource activities while focusing on measurably contributing to the success of our clients. Trupp HR is a key business partner for small business clients who are concerned with maximizing organizational performance, insuring a solid foundation of HR best practices, and focusing leadership on primary business objectives. Trupp HR areas of expertise include staffing (recruiting, hiring, onboarding), employee relations, employee performance and productivity (employee engagement), people strategy (business strategy alignment, HR metrics and dashboards, organizational structure), HR audits, employee training, leadership development, and compensation. For more information, call +1.503.828.0255 or visit www.trupphr.com