Important employment and work place considerations to accomplish for the month of May.May HR Calendar | Trupp HR

Conduct an annual HR audit
If you haven’t done so this year, conduct an HR audit to get a clear picture of your company’s HR compliance and effectiveness. An HR audit will identify areas of opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization.

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Update your summer intern program
An internship program is a great way to get some additional projects taken care of while providing college students or recent graduates a chance to pair their education with real life business experience.

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Connect with local colleges
Reaching out to local colleges provides an opportunity to interact with new graduates, participate in career fairs, or even offer your company as a “case study” for school projects.

Review your employer brand
Establishing and portraying your employer brand is crucial for attracting top job seekers. Tasks for reviewing your brand might include refreshing you “Career Page” and updating job postings and social media content.

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