Trupp HR Hires Breea Gale as New HR Business Partner

Trupp HR Hires Breea Gale as New HR Business Partner

Portland, Oregon – August 31, 2015 – Trupp HR, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hire of Breea Gale, who joins the Trupp HR team as an HR Business Partner. In this role, Breea will operate as a dedicated HR representative to clients of Trupp’s HR Outsourcing (HRO) services in addition to contributing to numerous HR consulting and training efforts. Breea is a versatile HR professional having strengths that align well with Trupp HR’s model of providing guidance for growing organizations.

Breea joins the Trupp HR team with over six years of experience across various HR disciplines from independent consulting to her role as a Director of HR. Over the course of her career, Breea has successfully streamlined and improved upon numerous organizational functions, including performance reviews, handbooks, benefits administration, and recruiting and onboarding. Breea has a proven track record as a dedicated HR professional who is able to make the connection between corporate vision, performance metrics, and the delivery of HR services. In addition, she has a passion for ensuring that employees are engaged and equipped to work at peak productivity. Breea’s drive, dedication, and breadth of experience make her a valuable addition to the Trupp HR team.

“With her diverse background, Breea really gets the strategic piece of human resources and how it contributes to business success,” states Jean Roque, President and Founder of Trupp HR. “This will paly well in her new role as an HR Business Partner working with diverse clients, each with unique business goals. Breea has the ability to handle urgent needs, while never losing site of the bigger picture.”

About Trupp HR

Trupp HR is a human resources company that provides straight-forward HR solutions including HR outsourcingHR consultingrecruiting servicesleadership training, and human resources products.

Our strategic approach to the delivery of HR services removes the complexity and frustration often associated with human resource activities while focusing on streamlined processes and performance metrics. Trupp HR is a key business partner for clients who are concerned with maximizing profit and growth, insuring a solid foundation of HR best practices, and focusing leadership on primary business objectives. Trupp HR areas of expertise include staffing (recruiting, hiring, onboarding), employee performance and productivity, people strategy (business strategy alignment, HR metrics, organizational structure, leadership development), HR auditsHR outsourcing, employee surveys, and leadership training.