By Jean Roque, President, Trupp HR.

In a survey of HR Outsourcing habits, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) found the top three reasons companies choose to outsource HR include:

  1. Saving money
  2. Focusing more on strategy
  3. Improving compliance

With over 50% of companies outsourcing all or part of the HR function, many organizations are also discovering unanticipated benefits of leveraging HR Outsourcing.

Employee Experience

Whether shopping, paying bills, or troubleshooting product issues, your employees have come to appreciate a world of self-service and immediacy. Employees expect a similar level of service in the workplace—not wanting to be limited to a schedule, person, or competing priorities in order to have their questions answered and requests addressed. While some may view HR Outsourcing as taking the “human” out of human resources. Today’s employees appreciate having access to HR resources that offer enhanced levels of convenience, technology, and service.

Subject Matter Expertise

Whether leveraging the talents of attorneys, recruiters, compensation consultants, or trainers, HR professionals are accustomed to supplementing their knowledge and resources with subject matter experts (SMEs). A full-service HR Outsourcing firm is equipped to take on complex employee and regulatory topics as well as offering in-depth expertise in a broad range of areas—reducing the time and costs associated with selecting and paying for these disparate specialists. Or, in the case of many organizations, adding a level of sophistication to the HR program that was not previously envisioned.

Objective Continuity

A client of ours once stated they appreciated no longer having a “single point of vulnerability”; meaning, they didn’t have to be concerned with their only HR employee holding all the keys and having to fear the potential impact of that employee leaving. Engaging with an HR Outsourcing partner establishes an HR program around systems, processes, and policies and distributes organizational and cultural knowledge across a dedicated team of HR professionals. Many employees also appreciate the fact that their HR resources are not employees of the organization—reducing concerns around confidentiality, bias, and objectivity.

Whether outsourcing your entire HR function or specific components—such as payroll administration, benefits administration, leave administration, or recruiting—a quality HR Outsourcing partner seeks to not only remove burden and increase compliance but also contribute in a manner that adds organizational value, increases employee engagement, and highlights your company as an employer of choice.