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Laying off employees for inability to speak English may be discriminatory

While it is recognized by the courts that the ability to speak English can be a justifiable job requirement, employers must be careful when taking action based on language skills or other qualities related to race or origin.

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Hospitality industry among the most affected by the new overtime rule

As an industry with high overhead costs and tight profit margins, hospitality employers may need to explore alternative compensation models to mitigate costs. Other industries that will be significantly affected include construction, retail, and advertising.

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Consider legal ramifications when organizing an employee participation program

Employers looking to involve employees in management decisions must be aware of two important statutory provisions; Section 8(a)(2) of the National Labor Act (NLRA) and Section 302 Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA).

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Oregon’s minimum wage increase will go into effect on July 1

Oregon is the first state to introduce a minimum wage increase with a multi-tiered system. The first increase will raise the Standard and Portland Metro to $9.75 per hour, and Nonurban Counties to $9.50 per hour.

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