Important employment and workplace considerations to accomplish for the month of September.

Review annual goals

With the final quarter of the year right around the corner, it’s time to review where you stand with your revenue and operational goals that were set at the beginning of 2016. If needed, create an action plan to meet expectations by years’ end.

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Reward top performers

As a successful growing business, you should continue to focus on the retention and engagement of high achievers. The start of fall is a good time to give out well-deserved salary increases to those top-performing employees.

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Prepare for open enrollment

Open enrollment season is here! Make sure nothing is falling through the cracks by following our helpful Open Enrollment Checklist.

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If you want to relieve the burden of Open Enrollment altogether, consider Trupp HR’s Benefits Administration Outsourcing.

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Prepare your compensation strategy for the new overtime rule

It’s easy to perceive the new FLSA changes as a simple set of financial decisions for the employer, but understanding the potential ripple effect of compensation changes is critical when addressing the new overtime rule.

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