The winners of the 2015 Startup PDX Challenge have officially been announced!

Trupp HR Produce Row Startup PDX:ChallengeThe Portland Development Commission’s (PDC) has announced the 2015 Startup PDX Challenge winners. Trupp HR has proudly sponsored the Startup PDX Challenge for the last 3 years. This competition continues to help grow the entrepreneurial community in Portland by supporting businesses for a year during their earliest stage of growth. We appreciate what our city and its leaders are doing, striving to inspire the success of startups and emerging small businesses. For this year’s challenge, Trupp HR is showing its support by offering training HR consulting services, webinars and recruiting services to the winners.

And the winner is…

The six challenge winners and the people’s choice award winner, all from the Portland metropolitan area, are listed below:

  • Audibility Inc. creates headphones with custom molding fit, to pair with a strong social cause of restoring hearing around the world.
  • Morebots takes traditional printed books and adds a layer of technology. Each one of their books explores and expands a select topic with an app that gives the readers more, helping kids to strive to learn.
  • Poda Foods raises and processes GMO-free crickets into protein powder to be used for delicious cricket based products for entrepreneurs and restaurants.
  • Roberts brings a fresh concept for custom men’s tailoring to the table, offering consultation and American-made suiting in a 6-8 week “you-looking-incredible” process.
  • Royalty Spirits – is the creator of Oregon’s own Miru Pear flavored Vodka with a mission to produce a product of rich taste and longevity.
  • Shop Hoppin is an international barber network and database app designed to meet your needs wherever that may be.
  • The people’s choice award went to Tanglewood Beverage Company, a specialty chai and beverage maker.

Trupp HR services provided to Startup PDX Challenge winners

Free Webinars for One Year

HR Consulting Services

Learn more about training services from Trupp HREach winner will be entitled to a free all-session pass for our Management 1.0 Series. Our training prioritizes equipping business leaders with tools for optimizing their human capital investments. Trupp HR’s leadership training courses cover topics that include:

  • Employment Law Basics
  • Hiring for Excellence
  • Employee Engagement for Business Success
  • Making the Transition to Supervisor
  • Effective Employee Performance Management
Learn more about consulting services from Trupp HRTrupp HR will provide 2 hours of free HR Consulting services for each winning organization. Our consulting services encompass a broad spectrum of employment services that require reliable HR expertise. Topics covered by HR Consulting services often include:

  • Employee relations, investigations, discipline and separation
  • Employee engagement and performance management
  • Compensation assessment and design
  • Designing and implementing organizational changes
  • Leave administration

Onsite Training Session

New Hire Tool Kit

facilitation-productTrupp HR will provide one onsite training workshop available to all of the winners of theStartupPDXChallenge that will provide insight into HR best practices and employment law for Oregon employers. The workshop will include dynamic and interactive elements to assist with the practical application of the concepts covered in the training.

  • Becoming an employer
  • HR fundamentals
  • Employment law primer
  • HR best practices
New Hire ToolkitTrupp HR’s New Hire Tool Kit includes a convenient collection of forms, notices, and templates to assist Oregon employers when on-boarding new employees. Below are a few of the forms included:

  • New Hire Checklist
  • Offer Letter Template
  • W-4 Forms
  • I-9 Forms
  • Portland Sick Leave Notice
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Template
  • EEOC Compliance Form Template