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Court ruling highlights FMLA retaliation and age discrimination

An engineer at Verizon recently presented proof of FMLA retaliation and age discrimination in her firing. The case brought up the point that employers must monitor their supervisors to ensure that fair evaluation system are applied to employees and poor ratings aren’t based on a protected activity.

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EEOC gives timeline for revising regulations

After pulling back the proposed regulations for further consideration, the EEOC has announced that it intends to issue the revised rulemaking by August 2018 and settle on a final rule by October 2019.

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ACA’s birth-control coverage mandate rolled back

The Trump administration has announced that it will allow employers to claim religious or moral objection to the ACA’s requirement that employer-provided benefits include no cost birth control coverage for women.

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Details on Trump’s orders to reduce health plan requirements

Trump recently signed an executive order directing the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, and the Treasury to explore ways to expand rules for association health plans and create rules that allow employees to use health reimbursement arrangement funds to pay for health care premiums.

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