By Calvin Gower, Trüpp.

Today’s workforce is changing. Retaining great employees and maintaining an engaged workforce doesn’t work the way it used to. Here are some articles we’ve found that offer sage advice for keeping your top talent engaged and productive for years to come.

6 tips for communicating effectively with your employees

While communicating with your team is usually straightforward, it can sometimes be complex depending on the setting, the medium, or even the employee. This article gives a helpful breakdown of 6 strategies you can use to communicate more effectively and provide the right kind of support to your team.

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Recruiting the Millennial Generation: How it Differs and Where to Start

The Millennial generation now makes up a large percentage of the workforce. This read will give you a better understanding of how to build your company and culture to better attract and retain this new generation of employees. Even if you’re over the whole “millennials” topic, you’ll take away some great ways to ensure your culture is keeping up with the times.

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How to Use Technology to Support Remote Teams

With the current trend toward flexible workplaces, providing reliable support for remote employees is more important than ever. We found this article to have insightful information about getting the right team, the right tools, and the necessary training in place to run a well-oiled machine regardless of who’s in the office and who’s remote.

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How to Build a Better Workplace

This article highlights that there’s more to building an engaged team than “free food and lava lamps.” Check out these 6 tips for facilitating a happier and more productive workforce.

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