Important employment and workplace considerations to accomplish for the month of December.

Review and reiterate your anti-harassment policy

The EEOC reports that sexual harassment claims and charges are at an all-time high. Take the time to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to create a more respectful workplace. Review your current policies, make needed updates, and communicate your policy to your employees.


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Complete your year-end payroll requirements

It’s time to complete all end-of-year payroll tasks to successfully close out 2018. Review our 2018 End of Year Payroll Checklist to make sure you have your bases covered.


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Donate to charity

The holiday season is upon us and the year will be coming to a close soon. Now is a great time to make donations to your favorite charities. This is not only an opportunity to help those in need, but also provides tax benefits for your business.


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