By Calvin Gower, Marketing Coordinator, Trüpp.

The remote workforce is more prominent than ever. While having remote employees encourages a diverse and flexible workforce, building and maintaining a cohesive team can have its fair share of challenges when some employees are not in the office on a regular basis. This set of articles dives into best practices for facing the challenges of hiring and managing remote employees. The ideas laid out in these articles assist employers with maintaining effective engagement and cultural alignment even with remote employees.

Top 15 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Employees

This article reveals that 80-90% of the modern-day workforce wants to work remotely to some extent, making flexibility key to hiring and maintaining top talent. To alleviate the challenges of building trust and communication, consider these 15 tips for managing employees remotely.


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How to Manage Remote Direct Reports

Supervising employees in different locations and time zones can lead to communication and timeline challenges. This article advises on how to build trust and open communication; how to establish routines; and how to help remote workers feel part of the team. In addition to responding to these questions, a list of do’s and don’ts and helpful case studies provide more context to real-life situations.


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What to Consider When Hiring and Onboarding in a New State

It can be difficult to keep up with the numerous compliance details involved with onboarding new employees in a different state. This article covers five factors to keep in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly and compliantly.


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3 Mistakes Not to Make When Hiring Remote Employees

Hiring for offsite positions is not the same as hiring in-office employees. Avoid these three crucial mistakes when recruiting for remote employees.


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