By Calvin Gower, Marketing Coordinator, Trüpp.

Exceptional managers influence the growth of their team on a continuous basis. While there are many important pieces to the development process, it is essential to provide constructive feedback that guides employees along their path. By maintaining this open dialogue, you can help draw out each employees’ potential. This set of articles covers a few key aspects of manager feedback; including performance reviews, employee development plans, and continuous communication.

12 Ways to Improve Performance Reviews that Actually Change

Performance reviews can be stressful for both managers and the employees receiving the review. This article reassures us that it doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden process. Follow these 12 easy tips on effective performance reviews.


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How to Provide Feedback that Helps Employees Improve

Employee feedback can be uplifting or crippling depending on the way it is delivered. It’s crucial for managers to ensure they are giving information in a way that is helpful to employees. This article offers insight into providing feedback that will assist your employees in their development path.


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How the Most Effective Managers Give Feedback

Looking for a specific set of tactics and tips for providing effective feedback? Explore these practical guidelines for helping your employees improve their performance.


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Driving the Success of an Employee Development Plan

A manager can bring their team to new heights with a healthy support structure in place. This article breaks down the main components of building a successful development plan for your employees and providing the right amount of feedback along the way.


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