Important employment and workplace considerations to accomplish for the month of July.

Address pay compression

Being aware and actively dealing with pay compression within your organization is an effective way to make sure employee engagement stays up to par. Take the time to review wages and make sure employees are being paid fairly.


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Improve mental health accommodations for employees

With the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, there is increased attention on mental health. Begin a dialogue in your workplace about accommodating mental illnesses. Creating a safe environment, removing stigma, and addressing ways to better support those with depression or other mental illnesses may facilitate employees getting the care they need.


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Oregon employers: download and post updated minimum wage poster

The next incremental minimum wage increase for Oregon will be going into effect on July 1st, with the Standard going to $10.75, the Portland Metro to $12.00, and Nonurban Counties to $10.50. Download the updated minimum wage poster at the link below.


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