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2019 tax withholding changes on the horizon

Tax updates that took place this year include reducing employees’ income tax rates and adjusted tax brackets. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is monitoring IRS steps to help employees navigate the amounts of income that should be withheld through payroll deductions.


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States requiring leave for parents to attend school activities

Depending on the state an employer operates in, it may be required to grant leave to parents for attending school activities for their children. There are now nine jurisdictions that require unpaid leave for circumstances such as the first day of school and parent-teacher conferences.


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Association health plans final rule becomes effective

This rule modifies the definition of an employer to expand the number of businesses that can sponsor group health coverage. By meeting the new “commonality of interest” test, employers will no longer have to meet the insurance requirements of the ACA for small group insurance offerings.


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Popular city-level workplace laws to keep tabs on

If you’ve been following our legal updates, you are aware of the key employment law trends sweeping the country. Make sure you are keeping up with updates in your city related to minimum wage, paid sick leave, ban-the-box, and predictive scheduling laws.


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