By Calvin Gower, Marketing Coordinator, Trüpp.

Far too many businesses are unable to hold onto top talent. This often indicates that a more strategic approach is required to equip employees with tools for on-going success. Focusing on the people that drive your company forward will contribute to a more successful team environment that ultimately makes people want to stay. This insightful set of articles dives into the elements of retaining top talent and creating an effective approach to helping your employees grow in harmony with your company.

4 Rules for Keeping the Staff (You Want) on Staff

Reducing turnover in your organization comes down to focusing on a few key areas. This article covers principles that lead to employees feeling valued, having a clear understanding of the company vision, and having an environment that encourages learning and development. Find out what it means to answer these questions from an employee perspective: Am I “on the bus”? Am I still learning? Am I being challenged?

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How to Encourage New Employees to Stick Around

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), up to 20 percent of turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment. What many employers fail to recognize is that ingraining an employee in your company is truly about building “stickiness” over time. People want their job to be a place where they can focus on growth and development. Consider these ways to create a workplace that values continued learning from the interview process throughout employment.

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How to Create a Winning Employee Retention Strategy

In a study conducted by Watson Wyatt, more than 50 percent of companies that completed the survey said that they didn’t have a formal strategy for retaining employees. This article breaks down a successful retention strategy into the key elements of performance, communication, loyalty, and competitive advantage.

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4 Ways to Build an Innovative Team

The ability to build an innovative team starts with the empowerment of the people in your organization. Discover a set of principles that contribute to an environment where people thrive. Hiring for mission, promoting psychological safety, creating diversity, and valuing teamwork are four pillars that support top talent at an organization.

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