By Demi Hanes, Trüpp.

Open Enrollment season is almost upon us. Typically, this is a painful time for HR professionals. There is a lot of effort spent by the team to create an enrollment plan and employee communication is key to a successful implementation. Follow these five tips to help the process go more smoothly and ensure everyone gets through open enrollment successfully.

1. Communicate early with employees

Prepare your employees early enough for open enrollment to avoid making them feel rushed. Set up informational meetings for employees to attend and ask questions. Giving employees time to ask basic questions early saves time during the open enrollment process.

2. Don’t overwhelm employees

Communication is very important throughout the open enrollment process, but over-communicating is problematic. Excessive communication creates clutter and causes important information to be missed or ignored. The communication sent needs to be clear and concise. The idea is to simplify the information available in the carrier documentation they receive rather than repeat every detail.

3. Use simple and effective communication

When communicating about open enrollment, make the language as simple and easy to understand as possible for your employees.  Explain important information with bullet points or by emphasizing key elements to clarify what employees need to know.  Communication around enrollment should also be engaging and relatable.

4. Define key terms & FAQs

Provide employees with a term sheet that clearly explains technical words or phrases. Creating an FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet is also valuable to ensure basic questions are answered for everyone. Avoid answering the same questions multiple times.

5. Ask employees their opinions

Open enrollment is a great time to facilitate employee retention by offering benefits that your team finds meaningful. Remember that employee communication is a two-way street. A simple and effective way to know how employees feel about the benefits you offer or additional benefits they might enjoy is to simply ask them. Before you even begin discussions with your broker, send out a benefits survey to learn what benefits your employees find useful to ensure you’re spending your benefits dollars wisely.

Open enrollment is a time-consuming process that creates a significant administrative burden on your HR and/or administrative team. Your time is valuable. Why not leverage our employee benefits expertise? Trüpp can successfully manage your entire benefits administration and open enrollment process by utilizing convenient online tools, managing employee communication, and showcasing your employer brand.  Take a closer look at how Trüpp can help.

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