This monthly HR to-do list covers important employment and workplace considerations to accomplish for the month of July.

Address pay compression

Take time to assess your company’s pay practices for pay compression issues that could negatively impact pay equity and employee engagement. Many factors can cause pay compression to happen over time and lead to higher turnover with reduced revenues for your organization.

Improve mental health accommodations for employees

Mental health has quickly become a hot topic for the workplace. Making small accommodations, such as work-life balance and mental health policies, has a big impact on employee’s lives with minimal cost to the company.

Oregon employers: download and post updated minimum wage poster

It’s time to update those minimum wage posters! You can find the most current version in both English and Spanish on the website or at the link below.

Adjust your recruitment and onboarding practices to comply with salary history bans

A growing number of states are implementing laws that ban questions about an applicant’s salary history. In response, some states have even passed bans against these bans. With these growing changes, HR professionals need to train their teams to be compliant with the laws applicable to them.

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