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DOL releases proposed overtime-rule

The U.S. Department Labor (DOL) has announced the new proposed overtime rule which would raise the minimum salary requirements of the Fair Labor Standards (FLSA) overtime exemption. The new salary level for the white-collar exemptions will increase to $35,308 ($679 per week), which lands in the middle of the current level and the proposed Obama administration increase that was put to a halt in 2016.

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NYC anti-harassment training requirement effective April 1st

Starting on April 1, 2019, all companies with 15 or more employees in New York City will be legally required to provide sexual-harassment training. This marks the latest implementation of the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act that was passed last year.

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Supreme Court reverses pay equity case

A recent case held that under the federal Equal Pay Act, prior salary cannot be justified as a wage differential. While this was one of the more clear-cut pay equity cases to be won recently, it was later overturned due to a judge’s untimely death. Despite the reversal employers should note the ban on salary history being used for future compensation decisions is in-fact being enforced.

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DOL to propose joint-employer overtime liability

The Department of Labor (DOL) has sent a proposed rule to the White House for review that would limit the definition of a joint employer. This rule addresses the guidelines for when businesses are held jointly responsible for overtime-pay violations with their contractors or franchisees.

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