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Portland, OR – 24 March 2021 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Trüpp to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to further expand its library of business skills, management, and compliance training.

Trüpp’s online courses are at the forefront of modern instructional design; incorporating contemporary imagery, video, and interactive design elements, that provide a user experience similar to the way a person generally navigates and consumes web content. The curriculum takes a refreshing and action-oriented approach, with effective tools and takeaways that can be applied in any workplace.

“As we continue to grow our catalog, modern interfaces that cover key topics are essential for next-generation learners,” said Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “By using an approachable tone and relevant examples grounded in real-world experiences, Trüpp creates elearning content that resonates with and inspires learners. We’re excited to make their engaging and interactive courses available to our customers as part of the OpenSesame Plus catalog.”

“OpenSesame’s dedication to providing high-quality content and an engaging learner experience aligns perfectly with Trüpp’s commitment to making premier elearning courses for HR compliance, manager development, and other workplace topics,” said Jean Roque, President/CEO of Trüpp. “Unlike elearning aggregators that prioritize quantity over quality, we appreciate how OpenSesame sets itself apart by providing a carefully curated course library that reflects the modern-day workplace. Trüpp’s partnership with OpenSesame enables our elearning courses to easily reach a broader audience, and the feedback from OpenSesame and its customers informs our course development priorities.”

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About Trüpp

Trüpp is an HR service provider focused on helping your business thrive! We offer a fresh, modern approach to online learning, presenting meaningful content that is both engaging and practical. Built upon the combined knowledge of an entire team of specialists with decades of experience in HR-related fields, Trüpp delivers reliable, compliant, and in-depth training that supports the success of your organization and its employees. Trüpp provides an eLearning curriculum focused on a range of employment and workplace topics, including manager training, respectful workplace training, compliance, and human resources training. To learn more, visit

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