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Workplace investigations are crucial for organizations to uphold integrity, foster a safe and respectful environment, and mitigate risks.

By promptly addressing allegations of misconduct, discrimination, or harassment, employers demonstrate a commitment to fairness and accountability. They help preserve employee morale and trust in leadership, enhancing productivity and employee retention. Thorough workplace investigations can uncover systemic issues, enabling proactive measures to prevent future incidents and safeguard the organization’s reputation.

However, handling employee complaints internally presents challenges with conflicts of interest, resource limitations, and a lack of specialized expertise. Depending solely on internal resources can strain HR departments or other investigative teams who may have competing priorities, leading to delays or incomplete investigations that leave an organization vulnerable. Internal investigations can appear to employees as biased or unfair, even when they are not, affecting trust in the process and organizational culture. Outsourcing some or all workplace investigations can alleviate these challenges, ensuring transparency, objectivity, and thoroughness in the investigative process.

Workplace investigation models

When outsourcing workplace investigations to an HR consulting firm, there are generally two models. Smaller organizations with only a few investigations per year may opt for hourly services on a per-project basis. Organizations with a larger number of investigations per year or that have highly sensitive or complex investigations may choose a retained services model at a fixed monthly fee to keep costs predictable and offset the resource strain that a higher volume of investigations can bring.

1. Hourly investigation services

Hourly investigation services provide a valuable solution, particularly for small to mid-sized organizations. This option relieves the resource strain on your internal staff by leveraging an outside organization with seasoned professionals who are trained in compliance with pertinent employment laws to conduct the entire investigation process. These services encompass a comprehensive array of benefits, including swift response and evaluation of complaints, formulation of a detailed investigation plan, and the facilitation of unbiased third-party interviews. Unbiased interviews are crucial for ensuring the impartiality and thoroughness of the investigative process.

Hourly investigation services prioritize the creation of legally sound documentation, which is pivotal for protecting an organization from potential legal repercussions. By meticulously documenting all aspects of the investigation, from initial complaints to findings and recommendations, these services provide organizations with a robust framework for addressing emergent workplace complaints while adhering to legal standards.

By leveraging the expertise of experienced investigators, organizations gain access to actionable insights that can inform policy revisions, training programs, and other initiatives aimed at fostering a positive work environment. The transparent and objective nature of third-party investigations enhances employee confidence in the organization’s commitment to fairness and accountability. Ultimately, by utilizing hourly investigation services, small to mid-sized organizations can efficiently navigate complex workplace issues while maintaining compliance with legal requirements and promoting a culture of trust and respect.

2. Retained investigation services

Retained investigation services cater to the needs of larger organizations, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits that extend beyond those provided by hourly investigations. In addition to incorporating the fundamental aspects of hourly investigations, such as timely responses and impartial evaluations, retained services provide several supplementary advantages tailored to the needs of larger organizational structures.

Organizations with retained workplace investigation services benefit from a proactive approach, enabling them to anticipate and address potential workplace issues before they escalate. These services prioritize client needs with highly responsive service, ensuring swift resolution and minimizing disruption to organizational operations. By engaging a dedicated investigation team, organizations gain access to specialized expertise and consistent support throughout the investigative process, enhancing efficiency and reliability. Typically, retained investigation services offer the convenience of a confidential submission process or site that may even include a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring and reporting on cases. This integrated approach streamlines communication, facilitates tracking of investigation progress, and promotes transparency in handling workplace issues.

Beyond facilitating individual investigations, a retained model provides valuable insights into workplace cultural concerns and gaps that may lead to vulnerability. Organizations can gain a deeper understanding of prevalent issues, emerging trends, and areas requiring targeted intervention. By analyzing information across multiple investigations along with feedback data, organizations can identify systemic issues and implement proactive measures to foster a positive work environment. The comprehensive nature of retained investigation services enables organizations to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and cultivate a culture of accountability and transparency.

Ultimately, by leveraging these additional benefits, larger organizations can enhance their capacity to address workplace challenges proactively, promote employee well-being, and uphold the integrity of their organizational culture while keeping costs contained and predictable.

The choice of how to conduct workplace investigations is a critical decision for organizations, impacting their ability to uphold integrity, foster a safe environment, and mitigate risks effectively. While internal investigations offer familiarity and potential cost savings, they can present challenges with objectivity and resource limitations. Hourly investigation services provided by a third-party administrator offer a valuable solution, particularly for small to mid-sized organizations, by providing access to seasoned professionals who ensure thorough and legally compliant investigations. Meanwhile, retained investigation services cater to the needs of larger organizations, offering predictable cost, comprehensive support, and insights into trends. By carefully considering these options, organizations can navigate workplace challenges proactively, promote employee well-being, and uphold a culture of accountability and transparency while managing costs effectively.

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