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Benefits administration can be a significant drain on your HR and administrative staff. Keeping abreast of ERISA, HIPAA, ACA, COBRA, and other changing healthcare and employee benefit regulations requires constant vigilance and mistakes can be costly. Entrust your benefits administration to the professionals at Trüpp and free up your staff to focus on other business priorities. You can relax knowing that your benefits administration is being handled by Trüpp’s competent Shared Services team with years of experience in HR, benefits, payroll, and employment law. Along with our Proven Process that ensures our services stay aligned with your business goals, our team follows proven best practices and is up-to-date on the latest legal requirements ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

Trüpp’s Shared Services team removes the complexities of benefits administration—managing the day-to-day tracking, coordination, and reporting responsibilities, ensuring comprehensive employee communication, and eliminating the administrative bottleneck that often accompanies the open enrollment season. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in the hands of HR professionals with a deep understanding of benefits, compliance, and navigating the associated administrative responsibilities.

At Trüpp, we understand your employee benefits package is key to attracting and retaining employees and positioning your organization as an employer of choice. Whether your employees are chatting on the phone with their Shared Services representative, learning about their benefits in our web-based benefits portal, or making online benefit elections, Trüpp’s benefits administration platform reinforces your organization’s commitment to the wellbeing of its employees throughout the year—not just during open enrollment season.

When you entrust your benefits administration to the professionals at Trüpp, you can relax in the knowledge that your process is legally sound and compliant. Trüpp’s Shared Services team includes benefits specialists who keep up with relevant healthcare and other benefits related laws. We ensure that your policies as well as tracking and reporting remain compliant.

The backbone of Trüpp’s benefits administration program lies in its proprietary HRIS platform. All employee information and benefits elections are tracked and stored electronically in our secure database. Employees are able to make benefits elections online and enroll electronically for an efficient and streamlined process that minimizes hand written forms and transcription. Information passes quickly and with greater accuracy from initial enrollment to providers. Trüpp develops an employee benefits portal for each client that provides easy web-based access to all benefits information, including summaries and collateral for benefit offerings, electronic enrollment forms, important provider contact information, and links to provider tools and websites.

Components of benefits administration outsourcing

As your benefits third party administrator, Trüpp’s team of Shared Services professionals manages all aspects of employee benefits. Our process streamlines data management and transfer by making use of easy to use web-based forms and electronic tools to capture and submit relevant benefit details, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

  • Broker and carrier coordination
  • M-F/8-5 employee support
  • Customer service ticketing system
  • HRIS system for administration of employee benefits
  • Simple, electronic methods for employer submissions of employee status changes
  • Benefits invoice reconciliation
  • Deduction and contribution change notifications to payroll
  • Online employee self-service for benefit changes

Trüpp orchestrates your entire open enrollment, utilizing online tools and engaging communication platforms that ensure a streamlined and highly efficient process. Our model emphasizes an enhanced employee experience focused on easy access to benefits information while highlighting the uniqueness of your organization’s offerings.

  • Online employee self-service for benefit changes
  • Facilitation of the open enrollment process
  • Communications to employees
  • Open enrollment project management and meeting coordination
  • Broker and carrier coordination
  • Benefits information packets and 24/7 access to digital versions of all relevant benefit information
  • Trüpp’s proprietary Benefits Quicklook summary of company benefits

Benefits enrollment has never been easier

Open enrollment is a Siinch© with our proprietary HRIS employee benefits enrollment platform. Employees enjoy the convenience of a benefits election process that uses a familiar online shopping interface. Information is gathered electronically for greater accuracy and easier transfer to benefits carriers.

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Trupp's HR Outsourcing Proven Process

Our Proven Process has been designed to ensure that your HR program stays aligned with your business goals. From our initial interactions, we are focused on helping your business thrive. We begin with a thorough assessment of your current HR program to determine priorities, followed by regularly scheduled meetings to keep your team in the loop, make adjustments, and ensure that our services remain in sync with your organization.

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