Compensation solutions that deliver competitive advantage

A well-designed and relevant compensation strategy is a key contributor to maintaining a highly-skilled and engaged workforce. To be most effective, your total rewards strategy needs to be built upon accurate data drawn from your organization’s unique competitive landscape rather than generalized, one-size-fits-all data. Trüpp’s compensation consulting services leverage learned knowledge of your organizational objectives, personalized design, and targeted market analysis and research to provide reliable, data-driven compensation solutions that reflect your organization’s values and objectives.

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    We work from relevant data.

    At Trüpp, we don’t rely on canned data. We understand that effective compensation decisions should be based on sound and accurate information that is directly related to your business. We tailor our research to trusted sources based on carefully selected criteria and competitive salary benchmarking to provide the most useful data and recommendations for your compensation goals.
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    We offer a personalized approach.

    Trüpp understands that your organization is unique. We don’t try to fit you into a box with rigid formulas or a one-size-fits-all approach. We strive to understand your business and develop a compensation plan and recommendations tailored to your specific environment, from cultural and organizational factors to regional and industry considerations.
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    We start with a clear understanding of your objectives.

    Before developing a research strategy, Trüpp takes time to gain a clear understanding of your compensation goals. This informs the data we pay attention to and drives recommendations and tools that are relevant to your organization.
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    We provide actionable reports.

    Trüpp’s compensation reports and recommendations are designed with an executive lens in mind—to be easily tied to budgetary decisions, revenue projections, and company growth. Our goal is to simplify the process of setting salaries by providing a useful tool for making data-driven decisions.

Compensation services and products tailored to your business needs

Compensation & Benefit Surveys

Gain a competitive edge in today’s labor market with targeted salary ranges, incentives, and benefits data gathered with Trüpp’s custom surveys for your specific jobs and industry.

Pay Equity Assessment

Trüpp’s compensation specialists ensure that your pay practices are aligned with relevant equal pay laws and best practices so that you can stay ahead of this highly publicized trend in employment law.

Job Descriptions

Accurate, well-written job descriptions provide the foundation for reliable compensation analysis. Trüpp has developed a robust tool for creating and maintaining precision job descriptions in a format that reflects your culture and brand.

Compensation Plan Design

Gathering salary market data is only the first step. Translating that data into base pay and salary ranges that align with your compensation philosophy and provide both internal and external equity is key to attracting and maintaining an engaged workforce.

Refreshing Compensation Plans

Don’t let outdated salary data restrict your company’s ability to keep salaries current and competitive. Trüpp can update your existing compensation plan with current market salary data to keep your organization competitive as the business landscape changes.

Variable Pay Plan Design

Trüpp provides valuable guidance in the design and implementation of variable pay plans that incorporate relevant performance measures and affordability while motivating and engaging top performers.

Sales Compensation

Trüpp dives in to understand your sales model and design sales incentive and commission plans focused on your unique sales priorities—whether its profitable sales, customer growth and retention, or new customer acquisition.

Executive Compensation

Trüpp designs executive compensation plans that incorporate total cash compensation and distribution of pay mix components while maintaining a competitive total rewards strategy that drives the overall business strategy.

Individual Job Salary Analysis

Whether hiring for a new position or assessing salary for a critical position or employee, Trüpp is prepared to quickly and accurately provide a targeted salary assessment for a specific job.

Compensation & Classification

Trüpp’s experienced compensation consultants expertly navigate the nuances of tenure classification and other public classification systems, balancing recommendations with established compensation strategy, existing step programs, and the various job classifications that fall under them.

Public Sector Compensation

Trüpp has extensive experience working with the unique concerns of public sector compensation updates and redesign projects. Our carefully crafted recommendations are informed by established compensation structures, involvement with unions, and public sector market data.

Compensation Consulting

Whatever your compensation needs, our team of professional compensation consultants has the expertise and tenacity to provide sound recommendations that balance compliance, retention strategies, and budgetary constraints with your organization’s unique business objectives.

Why consider Trüpp compensation consulting services?

Attract Top Talent

Trüpp equips your organization to confidently compete in today’s tight labor market. Applying current market salary data to compensation decisions positions an organization to extend job offers that are attractive to top talent while being competitive with salaries for similar jobs.

Retain an Engaged Workforce

Trüpp positions your organization to consistently assess and apply compensation decisions. Maintaining salaries that are current with the market, equitable when compared to coworkers, and reflective of an employee’s performance all contribute to a motivated and engaged workforce.

Affordable Access to Compensation Consultants

Compensation doesn’t need to be expensive. Trüpp’s compensation consulting services have been designed to be accessible for growing businesses. Our affordable pricing model offers scalable options that accommodate the budgetary needs of small to midsize organizations.

Easy-to-Understand Compensation Plans

Compensation doesn’t need to be complex. Trüpp gathers and analyzes all the necessary data and boils it down into straight forward language and tools designed for business professionals that are easily translated into employee friendly communication.

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