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COVID-19 Temporary HR Outsourcing Services

COVID-19 Workforce Management + HR Compliance Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on employers. Recommendations and regulations from every level of government are leaving employers with significant workforce management concerns.

Trüpp is here to help! With a menu of HR services tailored to help your organization through this current crisis, you can offload this demanding wave of HR challenges to our experienced HR compliance professionals while you focus on protecting revenue streams and adapting your business strategies to the current economy.

We understand that the current crisis is short term. We are offering temporary HR services on a month-by-month basis* to assist employers with immediate workforce management needs that may or may not persist long term. Our HR compliance specialists are vigilantly keeping up with changing federal and state laws. We can help guide your organization with:

  • Navigating tough workforce decisions
  • Aligning business directives and policies with evolving laws
  • Managing FFCRA employee leaves
  • Fielding the myriad of employee questions

*Minimum contract term determined based on current pandemic and economic environment along with employer size and service needs.

Keeping current with the latest government programs, laws, and announcements while contending with employee questions and requests is overwhelming. Now more than ever, your team needs to be focusing on steering the ship in a manner that will optimize the organization’s ability to survive and thrive through this crisis.

With short compliance windows and precise benefit timelines called out, it is important for your organization to act both quickly and intentionally. You don’t have to figure it out on your own; our HR compliance professionals have you covered. We are equipped to get your organization on the best path forward through the COVID-19 quarantine period and beyond.

Your employees have a number of questions—many of which are time sensitive and may have a ripple effect on your organization. Our team is prepared to field your employees’ questions and help them feel supported. Whether it is understanding available benefits, determining eligibility for Emergency Paid Sick Leave or Expanded Family and Medical Leave, determining what to do if they or one of their family members may be infected with the COVID-19 virus, or questions about returning to work, we are here to help.


Select the services that best fit your needs

COVID-19 Compliance Services

Our HR compliance professionals are working around the clock, keeping current with complex and constantly-changing federal and state laws. Backed by a full team of HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll specialists, we will ensure that your organization’s policies and workforce practices are aligned with FFCRA requirements, federal and state executive orders and guidelines, CDC recommendations, and HR best practices.

  • Monitor changing regulatory requirements and agency recommendations
  • Review and implement employee policies
  • Advise on intersection with other laws, employee leaves, ADA, company PTO, and benefits
  • Provide guidance on how to handle potential exposures in the workplace

FFCRA Employee Leave Administration

Our experienced HR professionals understand the complexities of leave administration and are up-to-date on the requirements of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family & Medical Leave requirements. We’ll ensure your leave administration is compliant with FFCRA/FMLA/ADA requirements, including documentation for federal reimbursement, and seamlessly integrated with your time off policies.

  • Administration of Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family Leave
  • Implementation of employee notices and forms
  • Tracking and communicating with employee, manager, and HR
  • Resource for your employees leave-related questions

COVID-19 Workforce Management Services

There are many paths forward, but not all short-term solutions are best for your organization in the long run. Armed with years of HR expertise, an understanding of the current regulations and guidelines, and a passion for helping your organization succeed, our team of HR compliance professionals will advise you on critical workforce strategies with informed consideration for business continuity, employee engagement, and eligibility for federal relief programs.

  • Advice on options and strategies for reducing payroll expenses
  • Administer employee layoffs, furloughs, schedule reductions, Work Share programs, etc.
  • Advice on strategies for bringing employees back to work
  • Administer return-to-work process
  • Strategies and policy development for managing remote staff

Employee COVID-19 Assistance Hotline*

Relieve your staff of the time it takes to research and respond to your employees’ myriad of time-sensitive questions. Our team is prepared to field your employees’ questions and make them feel supported. Whether it is understanding available benefits, determining eligibility for paid leaves, determining what to do if they or one of their family members may be infected with the COVID-19 virus, or questions about returning to work, we are here to help.

  • Answer questions about exposure to or infection with the COVID-19 virus
  • Help employees navigate usage of company and government-mandated benefits
  • Respond to employee concerns about work-related risks based on their unique situation
  • Discuss strategies that may contribute to an employee’s ability to continue working during this time

*Only available with the COVID-19 HR Services Bundle

Or choose the whole package

COVID-19 HR Services Bundle

Let us plug in immediately as your comprehensive COVID-19 HR services team! Includes all the expertise and support your organization needs to make and execute critical workforce decisions, administer emergency paid leaves, and answer the myriad of questions your leaders, managers, and employees have. Our HR 360 package includes:

COVID-19 Compliance Services

FFCRA Employee Leave Administration

Workforce Management Services

Employee COVID-19 Assistance Hotline


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Here’s what employers are saying about our COVID-19 services

“During a very stressful time for human resources, we could not be more thankful for the quick information that we were constantly receiving by Trüpp. I sent our representative an email to chat about what this truly means for our small company and what our next steps needed to be. She called me within thirty minutes full of answers and policies we needed to send out to our employees. I cannot explain how thankful we are to be partnered with such an amazing company like Trüpp, that even during crisis times, they truly value their clients”

Emily Kennedy
Slingshot Concierge Group

“This is definitely not an easy time for small businesses. Trüpp has been by my side, helping me mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, along with all of their other tools I use on a regular basis. They are an invaluable partner to me. Always quick to respond to my needs. I don’t know what I would do without them!”

Allison Drake
Uptown Medical Billing, Inc.

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