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Whether you are looking to reduce risk, resolve an employee complaint or performance issue, or close gaps exposed by an employee relations issue, the experienced employee relations consultants at Trüpp are qualified to provide the expert advice you require at any stage along the employee lifecycle. Our specialists provide employee relations solutions aligned with relevant employment laws, follow proven HR best practices, facilitate employee engagement, and reduce employer risk and liability.

Prevention is an employer’s best tool to mitigate risk associated with employee complaints or performance issues. The HR professionals at Trüpp are equipped to:

  • Deploy employee relations risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Consult on employee relations solutions that are aligned with relevant employment laws
  • Recommend and provide training and policies that establish behavioral expectations
  • Advise on sound compensation strategies that ensure equity and defensible pay practices
  • Make recommendations for fostering a workplace culture that reduces employer risk and liability

Trüpp’s team of HR consultants are armed with the HR know-how to provide expert assistance when an employee complaint, behavioral, or performance issue occurs. Let us reduce stress by ensuring a compliant and well-documented process for resolution of employee relations issues.

An employee complaint often reveals gaps in company policies, training, or company procedures. Trust the employee relations consultants at Trüpp to advise on procedural improvements, recommend training and resources, and provide carefully worded policies to prevent future complaints, conflicts, or performance issues.

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