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EE HB trainingThe Employee Handbook can be a company’s best friend or its worst enemy. They are the most important tool an employer can have to protect itself from future liability and can be a great support when orienting and disciplining employees – as long as they are well written and up-to-date.

In this webinar, we will discuss how a carefully worded Employee Handbook can help with employee communication and shield your organization from liability, must-have policies to include, words and phrases you should never use and keys to communicating Handbook policies.

Learning Objectives

– The multiple purposes of Employee Handbooks
– Keys to writing the Employee Handbook in a flexible but clear language that represents your company culture
– Essential policies and key disclaimers every Employee Handbook should contain
– New trends in workplace policy-making
– Policies you want to stay away from and terms and phrases you want to avoid
– How to properly revise policies and communicate them
– Ways to utilize your Employee Handbook that protect your company and encourage employee success

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders
HR Professionals
Benefits Administrators


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