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Do you know how prospective employees view your company as a potential employer? Does the employee experience align with the candidate perception of your organization during the interview process? Great corporate brands are grounded in a strategy that thoughtfully defines aspects such as target audience, unique selling proposition, and brand personality. Similarly, the employer brand should be anchored in a strategy that targets attracting the right kind of talent while remaining true to the organization’s employee value proposition. The measurable outcome of a successful employer brand includes increased quality of applicants, cultural alignment, employee engagement and retention.

Learning Objectives

– Discover the importance of being intentional with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and how to assess, shape and define your organization’s unique EVP.
– Increase your awareness of how your company is perceived as an employer.
– Understand the components of establishing an Employer Brand strategy.
– Identify performance metrics that can be used to assess and refine the effectiveness of your Employer Brand strategy.

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders
HR Professionals
Benefits Administrators


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