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Webinar: Recession-proof your HR program with flexible resources 


Moving from the pandemic into a potential recession is leaving many employers struggling to attract and retain HR talent. The great resignation has created further challenges. With all of this, the ever-increasing complexities of HR have made it challenging for organizations to maintain expertise, especially in the area of compliance with employment laws that often differ from state to state.

HR is vital to the success of an organization. In an unpredictable market, the ability to scale with flexible options can provide large and small employers with a significant business advantage. Outsourcing HR functions, for example, enables businesses to focus on running optimally while maintaining the necessary level of HR expertise regardless of available internal resources.

After completing this course, the learner will:

  • Understand the current demands of the HR function and explore a day in the life of an HR professional
  • Identify strategies and options to optimize thier HR program
  • Recognize the advantages of outsourcing HR services
  • Explore ways to maximize success when outsourcing HR



Audra Hedberg (She/Her), Vice President of Services

As the Vice President of Services for Trüpp, Audra Hedberg leads departments providing HR Consulting and Outsourcing Services to clients. Audra is an experienced HR professional, working in various industries. She has a passion for helping clients thrive and enjoys providing guidance under various employment laws in a relaxed style that is easy to understand.

Contact: audra.hedberg@trupphr.com | 503.828.0255 x112


Derek Tracy Derek Tracy (He/Him), Manager of HR Services

As the Manager of HR Services for Trüpp, Derek leads the HR Services team providing HR Outsourcing Services to Trüpp’s clients. Derek is a US Army veteran and former Chief Human Resources Officer that holds a Master’s degree in both Organizational Leadership and Business Administration from Quinnipiac University. Derek’s professional passion revolves around helping clients improve business outcomes by way of innovative leadership and HR strategies.

Contact: derek.tracy@trupphr.com | 503.828.0255 x102