Ensure your organization is complying with the new FLSA exempt status regulations

Trüpp FLSA Audits

Peace of Mind

Why spend your valuable time stressing about FLSA compliance when you can relax in the knowledge that your exempt status employee classifications are up-to-date and have been reviewed by the experienced professionals at Trüpp.

FLSA Compliance

Our thorough review of job duties in light of DOL exempt status duties tests and exempt status recommendations ensure that your employee classifications comply with the new FLSA overtime rules.

Objective Expertise

Leverage HR advisors for classifying your employees–including suggestions for redefining duties, adjusting salary, and highlighting how changes impact employee pay, internal equity, timekeeping, and employee perceptions.

FLSA Audits from Trüpp

We take the burden of wading through complex regulations, evaluating exempt status employee classifications, and FLSA compliance off your plate!

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