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At Trüpp, we understand that every business is unique. Whether you’re looking to ensure compliance with employment laws, position your company as a progressive employer of choice, or establish a proven, technology-enabled HR program, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a personalized HR experience that scales with the needs of your business. With Trüpp, you can relax, knowing your HR needs are being handled by an entire team of professionals driven to help your business succeed!

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Partner with an entire team of HR professionals

We make compliance

Let’s face it; employment laws are complex! Do you really want to spend your time monitoring regulatory updates and bewildering leave regulations or trying to interpret complicated laws? Why not entrust your compliance to the employment specialists at Trüpp so you can focus on what you do best?

We surround you with

You shouldn’t have to wait until you can afford to hire a full-service HR team before enjoying its value to your business. When you outsource with Trüpp, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team of HR subject matter experts to implement HR programs, mitigate organizational risk, advise and develop your supervisors and employees, and administer employee leave and benefits. Our team of HR experts is dedicated to making the most of your investments.

We act as an extension of

Are you spending your valuable time bogged down in HR administration while important HR projects fall behind? Why not get the support your HR team needs to cover gaps in expertise, reduce bottlenecks, and keep your HR program on track? Enjoy peace of mind knowing your employment practices are compliant, best-in-class, and handled by experienced HR professionals who are friendly, eager to assist, and always have your best interest in mind.

Our services plug into

Why fix what isn’t broken? Our services are designed to be easy to deploy and non-disruptive to your business. Unlike PEO models that force you to change payroll providers, employee benefit plans, and rent back your employees, we take the time to really get to know your organization. Weaving our service into your existing business framework, we adapt to your style, preserving the integrity of your unique culture.

We are all about

Are you still shuffling paper or relying on someone wearing multiple hats as your company’s “HR expert”? Trüpp embraces today’s workplace. Your dedicated team of HR professionals is ready to assist when needed. Our cloud-based HR systems provide employees convenient 24/7 access to benefits information, electronic forms, and company documentation right when needed. By streamlining administrative processes, you and your employees enjoy greater bandwidth for accomplishing business-critical tasks.

We cover all the bases!

Select from two service levels and enjoy a personalized HR experience that provides all the foundational elements of a best-in-class HR program.

HR Assessment
Quarterly HR Work Plan
Dedicated HR Advisor
Recruiting Support
Employee Onboarding *
Job Descriptions
Market Salary Data *
Performance Management
Leave Administration & ADA
Employee Relations + Manager Coaching
Annual Employee Survey *
Employee Separations
Employee Handbook and Policy Development
eLearning Employee Training Courses *
eLearning Management Training Series eLearning

*Clients of our Offload program may add products and services at any time as needed for an additional or discounted fee.

Take your HR program to the next level

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Add a comprehensive employee benefits administration program that includes the Employee Navigator platform, enabling employees to submit open enrollment choices, and life event changes easily. Plus, our specialists respond to employee inquiries, coordinate with carriers and brokers, and reconcile carrier statements. Additional fees apply.

Leave Administration Outsourcing

Add leave administration outsourcing services and let Trüpp’s experienced professionals streamline your leave process by ensuring adherence to imposing notification requirements, complex procedures, and legally mandated timelines. Our approach protects employee privacy while shielding the employer from unnecessary risk. Additional fees apply.

HR outsourcing FAQs

Can I use HR outsourcing if I have an HR team?2021-04-13T15:09:29-07:00

Absolutely! We love working with organizations that have HR professionals in place. Whether you have one employee managing your HR program or a team of HR professionals, we can fill the expertise gaps or provide services that easily expand and contract with your organization’s needs.

Can we choose which services to outsource?2022-06-14T08:55:01-07:00

Absolutely! We offer HR Services Outsourcing, Benefits Administration Outsourcing, and Leave Administration Outsourcing that you can mix and match according to your needs. We also offer different service levels within each of these outsourcing channels. If you find you need additional HR services along the way, no problem! All of our HR services are available to our clients on an as-needed basis.

Can we do some HR activities in-house?2021-04-13T15:10:06-07:00

Yes! This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We love working with teams to support your infrastructure and provide the additional HR expertise your organization needs to stay compliant and ensure a best-in-class HR program.

Can you provide additional HR services that are not included in our HR Outsourcing contract?2021-04-13T14:54:04-07:00

Absolutely! We offer all of our HR services for our outsourcing clients as needed. This enables our clients to select the appropriate services required while adding additional projects and services as their business needs change.

Do I have to change any of my current providers, systems, or platforms?2021-04-13T15:09:27-07:00

Certainly not! Why fix what isn’t broken? Trüpp integrates with your current platforms and service providers to ensure a seamless transition and a best-in-class HR program. Unlike PEO providers that require you to switch to their platforms, we get to know your business and weave our services into your existing business framework. We may make suggestions if we find opportunities for greater efficiency, cost savings, or a better employee experience.

Does HR Outsourcing include benefits?2022-06-30T16:58:38-07:00

We offer Benefits Administration Outsourcing as an optional service. All of our outsourcing services can be mixed and matched to meet the specific needs of your organization.

How does HR outsourcing reduce costs?2021-05-04T14:29:59-07:00

HR outsourcing generally costs about 25%-50% less than hiring a comparable HR professional. But consider this, not only are you saving money, but you are also gaining additional expertise and specialization, insulating against loss of expertise or changes in your business framework, and ensuring ongoing compliance with employment laws.

How does HR Outsourcing work?2021-04-14T08:26:41-07:00

During the onboarding process, we do a thorough assessment of your company’s HR practices. With this information, we identify priorities and establish a work plan that is refreshed each quarter. An HR business partner is assigned to your organization, who serves as your company’s daily HR resource. Plus, our team of subject matter experts is available to address specialized HR functions such as compensation planning, employee leave administration, benefits administration, and payroll administration.

How long does implementation typically take? 2021-04-14T08:27:35-07:00

The onboarding process varies depending on how quickly we can gain access to your HR-related systems and platforms. A typical HR outsourcing onboarding takes 4 to 8 weeks to transition HR activities over to your Trüpp team.

How much can I expect to pay for HR Outsourcing?2024-01-25T15:45:17-08:00

Because we are driven to provide value to your organization, we only provide services that your organization needs. Our pricing model is based on the number of employees you have and the service level you choose. Contract pricing for an organization with 100 employees starts at $3500 per month.

What happens if our HR needs change?2021-04-13T14:53:53-07:00

Trüpp’s proven process ensures that our services scale with the needs of your business. Whether your needs expand as your business grows or you decide to bring on internal HR expertise, our services will expand or contract to your needs ensuring you have a best-in-class HR program over time.

What is the onboarding process like for HR Outsourcing?2021-05-04T14:12:33-07:00

Trüpp’s onboarding process provides a comprehensive and highly organized experience to ensure a smooth transition of HR activities and the foundation for a robust HR program.

The first step to your next-level HR program begins with acquiring the necessary information and getting to know each other to see how Trüpp can help your business thrive! We’ll review the onboarding process, discuss any urgent priorities you may have, introduce your HR Business Partner, and familiarize your employees with Trüpp’s convenient tools and resources.

At this point, our priority is to develop a robust HR program that is personalized to your needs that starts with a comprehensive HR assessment to inform your first work plan. After we’ve gained access to the systems and platforms required, the magic begins! Your team of HR specialists gets to work implementing your HR program and completing the agreed-upon deliverables. But it doesn’t end there; we establish a rhythm of regular check-ins to adjust our services and ensure your HR program stays current with your business needs.

Now you can relax and focus on growing your business, knowing your HR needs are being handled by a team of professionals driven to help your business succeed!

When should you outsource HR?2021-04-13T15:10:43-07:00

HR outsourcing is cost-effective for employers who have more than 20 employees. Organizations with fewer than 20 employees can typically function successfully by leveraging our Compliance or Handbook Subscription Services combined with HR Consulting Services for projects or questions that arise.

Why outsource human resources?2021-04-13T15:09:24-07:00

HR outsourcing enables organizations to offload all or part of their HR functions to a team of HR professionals who will ensure employment law compliance, maintain recommended HR best practices, and establish a robust HR program. By outsourcing HR, companies can pay for the exact amount and type of expertise needed, confidently offload complex HR activities, and focus more on their core business.

Why should I choose HR outsourcing over hiring an HR professional internally?2021-04-13T15:09:22-07:00

It is challenging for one person to maintain HR expertise in all areas. When you choose Trüpp as your HR third-party administrator, you gain an entire team of HR specialists—often for less than the cost of hiring an internal HR professional or HR team. However, you don’t have to choose! You can maintain internal HR professionals and outsource part of your HR function to Trüpp.

Will an HR representative be on-site?2021-05-04T14:33:52-07:00

While it can be nice to have an on-site HR Business Partner, we have found it consumes time that could be spent on more impactful initiatives and increases cost without providing additional value. With Trüpp, your assigned HR Business Partner engages remotely to understand your business and employees and acts as an extension of your team. Plus, your HR business partner is backed by a team of HR professionals who can step in when needed to support your team rather than just providing support when there in person.

Will HR outsourcing ensure we comply with employment laws?2021-04-13T15:10:33-07:00

Absolutely, this is where we shine! Our HR compliance specialists team monitors employment laws at the federal, state, and local levels and ensures your company policies and employee handbook remain up to date. Even if you have a distributed workforce with employees in multiple states or industry-specific requirements, we’ve got you covered.

And it’s all backed by our proven process

Trupp's HR Outsourcing Proven Process

Our Proven Process has been designed to ensure your HR program stays aligned with your business goals. From our initial interactions, we are focused on helping your business thrive. We begin with a thorough assessment of your current HR program to determine priorities, followed by regularly scheduled meetings to keep your team in the loop, make adjustments, and ensure that our services remain in sync with your organization.

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