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At Trüpp, we understand the needs of mid-sized companies. When you partner with us, our experienced HR professionals act as an extension of your team and plug into your business framework, enabling you to peel off layers of your HR program and cover gaps in HR staff expertise or capacity. Isn’t it time your organization leveraged a reliable partner to deliver great service and expertise as an extension of your HR team?

Supplement your HR team with experienced specialists to ensure you have all the bases covered. From regional compliance to compensation strategy, our team of HR professionals has the expertise to get the job done right and is genuinely dedicated to your organization’s success!

Our HR compliance specialists maintain a deep understanding of federal and multi-state employment laws, ensuring your HR program is enabled to flourish wherever and however your team works!

Peel off complex processes that bottleneck your team and implement programs you haven’t had the luxury to develop. With Trüpp, your HR program will thrive with as little or as much HR support as needed.

Partnering with Trüpp for your HR needs keeps costs predictable at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional HR staff. Our convenient HR services enable you to scale your HR program in direct proportion to the needs of your business.

HR services that streamline your HR program

HR Outsourcing

Managing HR functions can be time-consuming and divert your focus from core business activities. Our comprehensive suite of HR outsourcing services allows you to offload tasks such as benefits administration, leave administration, and employee relations or even your entire HR program. By entrusting these responsibilities to Trüpp, you can streamline operations and reallocate resources toward business development.

Compensation Services

We recognize the critical role compensation plays in attracting, retaining, and motivating talent. Our tailored compensation services include compensation planning and program design, pay equity analysis, and compensation consulting. With the experienced compensation specialists at Trüpp, you can ensure fair and competitive compensation structures that align with your business objectives, industry standards, and relevant employment laws.

Workplace Investigations

Navigating workplace disputes and allegations requires a delicate balance of legal expertise and HR acumen. Our experienced team specializes in conducting thorough and impartial workplace investigations. Whether it’s harassment claims, misconduct allegations, or policy violations, we provide swift and confidential resolution to protect your employees and your business reputation.

eLearning Programs

Investing in employee development is key to fostering a skilled and engaged workforce. Our eLearning programs offer manager training and workplace harassment prevention courses that incorporate interactive tools proven to facilitate comprehension and retention. By empowering your team with knowledge and skills, you can cultivate a positive work environment and mitigate potential risks.

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