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We ensure employee leaves are done right

Leave administration doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Managing employee leaves of absence presents many legal landmines that can be difficult to navigate, even more so for those with employees in multiple states or large metro areas where there may be a variety of leave and sick time regulations.

Let the experienced professionals at Trüpp remove the uncertainty so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing employee leaves are handled in a legally compliant manner. Get the added benefit of having your employees return to work in a more optimal and timely manner.

Learn to navigate FMLA leaves

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Trüpp manages all types of employee leave

Our team of leave administration specialists has years of experience with FMLA and ADA requirements and proactively keeps up with state and local leave and sick time laws. As your third-party administrator, Trüpp follows meticulous procedures and strictly adheres to mandated timelines to ensure an efficient process that reduces risk and virtually eliminates leave abuse.

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • State and local protected leave
  • Paid sick leave

  • Military leave

  • Jury duty leave

  • Emergency responder leave

  • Domestic violence leave

How leave administration outsourcing works

Easy to use leave administration portal

A streamlined interface for submitting leave information and questions

Our leave administration portal provides an easy-to-use interface for initiating and checking the status of employee leaves. Inquiries create tickets to the Trüpp team that ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

  • Easy-to-use employee self-service portal

  • Leave status updates tied to completion of action items

  • Actions list with automated reminders

  • Leave calendar views for each leave case

  • Automated hour tracking + calculation

  • Robust reporting options

Trüpp Leave Management Portal | Stiira

Why consider outsourcing leave administration

Take your outsourcing program to the next level

HR Services Outsourcing

Add HR services outsourcing and enjoy a comprehensive human resource program regardless of the size of your organization. Trüpp operates as an extension of your team, addressing policies and regulatory compliance, leave administration, employee relations, employee onboarding, and training and development. Additional fees apply.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Add a comprehensive employee benefits administration program that includes open enrollment, employee eligibility and status changes, responding to employee inquiries, coordinating with carriers and brokers, and carrier statement reconciliations. Additional fees apply.

Leave administration outsourcing FAQs

How long does it take to get setup?2020-10-01T18:50:37-07:00

Onboarding and implementation typically take 4-6 weeks from service agreement execution to when we are ready to go live with receiving leave requests and administering leaves.

Do you provide any assistance with training managers?2020-10-05T08:37:28-07:00

Yes. Online, on-demand manager training is included with our service.

Can we transfer our existing leaves over to you?2020-10-05T08:45:04-07:00

Yes. We can take on any existing leaves currently in process.

Do you need to have access to our HRIS system?2020-10-05T09:00:04-07:00

No. While preferred, access to your systems is not a requirement. During our onboarding process, we work with the client to establish an agreed-upon method for maintaining current and accurate access to employee information needed for leave administration activities.

If we decide not to allow our systems access to your company, what will HR and or the employee be responsible for?2020-10-05T09:58:37-07:00

During our onboarding process, we work with the client to establish an agreed-upon method for maintaining current and accurate access to employee information needed for leave administration activities.

Does your service include an employee portal for employees to submit leave requests and information?2023-05-22T09:47:59-07:00

Yes. We’ve created an easy-to-use leave portal that employees can access 24/7.

Does your service provide the employer with real-time access to leave activities and status?2023-05-23T16:18:26-07:00

Yes. Trüpp provides a web-based dashboard containing the current status of each of your organization’s active and archived leaves.

What types of leave can you manage for my organization?2020-10-05T08:35:47-07:00

As a national provider of HR Services, we manage our clients’ state, local, federal, and company-sponsored employee leaves. We continuously monitor leave law updates, so you can have peace of mind that all leaves are managed in accordance with relevant leave laws.

What is the cost of your leave administration service?2020-10-05T08:42:30-07:00

The cost varies depending upon company size. You can request a customized quote here

How long will it take for our employees to receive responses to requests or questions?2020-10-05T08:59:05-07:00

Trüpp has a service level agreement (SLA) to respond to requests within four business hours.

Does your system notify our HR department of new claims or employee leave issues?2020-10-05T09:24:35-07:00

That is an option that can be implemented. Notifications and escalation are addressed and defined during the onboarding process. Additionally, leave status and activities can be viewed in the leave monitoring dashboard.

Does your system send out a weekly report to the HR Department?2023-05-23T16:23:25-07:00

Updates are provided through real-time access to the leave monitoring dashboard. Several pre-built reports are offered in addition to the ability to filter and export all leave data as desired.

Do you have a dedicated phone number for employees and or HR departments?2020-10-05T08:58:07-07:00

Yes, employees have a toll-free number dedicated to leave administration services. The HR team can use this number and will also have direct extensions to their account team.

Does your company remind employees when their paperwork is due?2020-10-05T09:25:45-07:00

Our standard process is to send two emails and the third outreach is call or text. We will ask employees for their preferred method of communication.

Is Trüpp able to interact with Spanish speakers?2022-07-19T16:32:29-07:00

Absolutely! We have bilingual leave specialists that are able to assist both English and Spanish speakers with leave-related questions and support

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