Is your organization prepared to meet the New York sexual harassment training requirements?

The deadlines to comply with training requirements for both New York State and New York City are on the horizon. Get ahead of the curve with our convenient online sexual harassment training. 

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New York sexual harassment training

Our online sexual harassment training meets the requirements laid out in the New York State and New York City regulations. With a strong focus on empowering employees to contribute to a respectful work environment, our training provides practical tools for identifying and overcoming the obstacles targets and bystanders face when they find themselves in an inappropriate encounter, and guidance for offenders on how to respond appropriately when they become aware they are engaging in or are accused of disrespectful behavior. Studies have shown this approach encourages employees to contribute to a work culture that doesn’t tolerate disrespectful behavior, significantly reducing employer risk and facilitating a more vibrant and engaged team. Respectful work environments reduce employee stress, break down barriers to collaboration, and enable team-members to be more focused on business critical work, facilitating increased productivity.

  • Interactive content that increases comprehension
  • Practical prevention tools for targets, bystanders, and offenders
  • Visually appealing multimedia content that can be viewed on virtually any device
  • Participation and engagement tracking to ensure comprehension and completion
  • Certification to ensure compliance with regulatory training requirements

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Sexual Harassment training from any device

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Our online training courses can be completed from any electronic device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Once a course has been started, Learners can pick up where they left off from any device. Course participation, scoring, and completion information available for record-keeping and to meet various regulatory requirements.

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